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How to get secret emojis on TikTok

Published: 10/May/2021 16:09 Updated: 10/May/2021 17:55

by Georgina Smith


If you’re bored of your phone’s stock emojis, or just want to try something a bit different, TikTok has its own set of unique emojis that can be used across multiple operating systems.

When replying to a TikTok your friend sent you or commenting under a viral video, one of the best ways to make things more lively is, like any other app, to add emojis.

But as it turns out, TikTok has their very own stock of emojis that differ from the standard ones that come on most phones. Accessing them is surprisingly simple, but differs to the way that you would ordinarily select them.


In order to use the TikTok emojis, you’ll need use a specific code relating to a certain emotion to get the image that you want.

List of some of TikTok's secret emojis

How to get TikTok’s secret emojis

Type the code for the emoji you want to use in the typing bar in between square brackets, and when you press space the text will automatically turn into an image.

There are two styles you can pick from. One is a more traditional style emoji, and the other features a fun cartoon creature with various different facial expressions.

The good news about the emojis in particular is that they look the same across different operating systems. Ordinarily, you may worry that your selected smiley face will give off an entirely different meaning once it’s converted into the matching emoji on different phones.


List of some of TikTok's secret emojis

But these will look the same regardless of whether the viewer is on iOS or Android, making it a great alternative to regular emojis.

Here’s the full list of codes:

Style 1:

  • [smile]

Style 2:

  • [wow]

These are a great way to switch up your comments and make you stand out a little bit more in busy comment sections.