xQc “refuses” to play Crab Game after DDOS attacks, then does it anyway

xqc-crab-game-returnTwitch: xQc / Crab Game

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel told Twitch fans he “refuses” to play Crab Game even though the developer fixed the security issues that led to the DDoS attack — but then he played it anyway mere hours later.

Squid Game’s success has spawned several spin-off games based on the show. But while most are custom-made mods, one called Crab Game burst onto the scene as the first free-to-play standalone game on Steam.

It wasn’t long before it gained traction on Twitch. Several streamers, including xQc, Sykkuno, Sodapoppin, Disguised Toast, and more, started making lobbies in a similar fashion to when Among Us was at its peak.

However, things took a turn for the worse after a security hole allowed people with malicious intentions to access their IP addresses. xQc was one of many streamers who were hit with DDoS attacks that forced them to end their streams.

The developer issued an update shortly after. He claimed the problem had been fixed and the game was safe to play. However, xQc still “refused” to play.

crab gameSteam: Crab Game
The free-to-play Crab Game is similar to Netflix’s popular show, Squid Game.

xQc explains why he “refuses” to play Crab Game

The topic came up when a fan asked him to play the game. “F**k Crab Game,” he said in response. Then he revealed the DDoS attacks caused significant damage to his router.

“I had to buy a new router for that.”

Others pointed out the issue had been fixed, but xQc still wasn’t sold on the idea.

“They fixed it? I don’t care. I’m not going to take the risk unless I have to.”

He also claimed that the “fun and cool” factor about it is gone.

xQc backflips on Crab Game decision, plays anyway

Hilariously, though, he completely backflipped on that decision less than a couple of hours later. “Can I make a Crab Game now without getting hacked? Are you sure it’s good?” he asked.

He double-checked the developer’s comments assuring its safety, and then jumped on and host a game while he was waiting for something else to download. He was immediately hooked again.

The incident hasn’t seemed to slow down Crab Game’s momentum, though. It’s still currently one of the most-watched games on the platform.

xQc made it clear that he wasn’t planning to return anytime soon. But there’s always a chance he might change his mind, especially if fans keep asking him.