xQc left completely terrified by Roblox’s Squid Game custom mode

xQc / Netflix

Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was left terrified after playing Roblox’s mini-games based on the hit Netflix TV show, Squid Game. 

Released on September 17, Squid Game has risen to the most-watched show on Netflix, and the world is absolutely loving the unique series.

Squid Game’s surge in popularity had Roblox mini-game creators jump on the trend, recreating segments from the hit show for players to enjoy in the kid’s game.

The most popular mini-game from the show is a childhood classic, red-light green-light. Though, it turns out xQc isn’t exactly good at it, and he was absolutely terrified while playing.

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Just like the TV show, players are tasked with six different games including childhood classics Red Light Green Light, Marbles, and Tug of War. The goal is to complete all six tasks and win a nice cash prize at the end, but if you fail, you’re shot and eliminated from the game. Exactly resembling what we saw on Netflix.

Despite being considered as children’s games, that didn’t stop xQc quite literally jumping out of his seat while playing Red Light Green Light. The look of terror on his face also cemented just how seriously he was taking things.

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50,000 people were watching live, and as xQc continuously shouted and gasped while trying to complete the mini-game, it made for a hilarious clip.

As Squid Game’s popularity continues on an upwards trend, TikToks showing exactly how hard the challenges really are already going viral across the platform.

And we shouldn’t expect this to be the last of creators to hop on the trend, given how popular Squid Game is around the world.

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