xQc explains his biggest issue with Twitch streamer events

Alec Mullins
xQc next to the Twitch logoxQc (Twitch)

Popular streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel told fans that, although he has fun at Twitch events that are loaded with influencers, there’s also something about them that feels different when the cameras are on. 

xQc is one of the biggest creators on Twitch. With an audience of over nine million followers, it’s easy to see why fans are eager for him to partner up with other streamers for large, collaborative events.

While he’s been happy to do this in the past, during a Nov. 1 stream he revealed that some of these get-togethers feel too “manufactured,” claiming it’s better when things develop in a more organic way than what he has experienced before.

xQC explains the big issue with modern Twitch events

When speaking on content events, the Twitch star said he feels like other creators feel the need to dominate the camera time, and are always fighting to get the biggest joke.

“Some people need to monopolize the spotlight or the camera or the spotlight, and that’s weird,” he explained. “I don’t like when events are like that, and it brushes me the wrong way.”

Although this isn’t the first time that he’s spoken about problems during these events, he went into further detail about his feelings on the subject, saying that even events hosted by his friends can still feel uncomfortable to him.

“I enjoyed it, but there’s a lot of things I didn’t like about it too, though,” he said. “I like when things flow in a natural way, and [we’re] just having fun making content or whatever.”

xQc explained that he has mixed feelings about the type of content that gets made during each of these events, and how he prefers for collaboration to feel more genuine than it previously has.

While he refused to throw any single person under the bus for being over the top, he did have a clear takeaway from these kinds of get-togethers: “I don’t fight for spotlights. If you want to go in front of the camera and hijack it… I’m not going to fight you on it.”