Crab Game developer issues update after IP address leak troubles

Crab GameCrab Game

The developer of ‘Crab Game’ has issued a massive update to the game that hides players’ IP addresses after xQc and Sodapoppin were subjected to DDoS attacks while playing the game. 

Having your IP address leaked to the wrong person is something no streamer ever wants to experience. The malicious person can perform a DDoS attack on the creator, which if performed correctly, will end all attempts to stream as the attack floods your internet router with traffic, effectively stopping it from working.

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Just hours after xQc and Sodapoppin were subjected to DDoS attacks while playing Crab Game, the developer took to Twitter to apologize. They also took a moment to explain what went wrong during development to cause the leaked IP addresses.

Crab Game update

Just two days after announcing the update, the developer announced that the game had been fixed, although there are a few issues left to address.

They stated: “Crab game is now SAFE. No more IP leaks. No more DDoS. You can play/host public lobbies, and your IP will not be shared.”

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He went on to reiterate that the networking code for the game had been entirely replaced with Steam’s more secure version, but at the cost of a few bugs in the game.

Luckily, he intends to fix these soon, and just wanted to put emphasis on the issue causing the IP address leak.

Furthermore, the developer apologized directly to the affected creators in a final tweet, tagging xQc, Sodapoppin, and nmpLol.

The community has been positive since the initial announcement, giving the developer credit for being on top of the issue. Hopefully, with this new fix, nobody else will be subjected to a DDoS attack.

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