Who's in the most popular TikTok houses? Hype House, Clubhouse & More

by Alice Hearing


The phenomenon of a house for online creators to live together and collaborate isn't new. Before the Hype House, there was Team 10, Clout House, and Vlog Squad. But new houses for TikTok's biggest stars are popping up all the time.

Here is an updated list of all the TikTok collectives you need to know about, what they do and who their members are, in Los Angeles and beyond.



Hype House

Half of the Hype House
Instagram: HypeHouseLA
The Hype House is still growing

The Hype House, which started in December, is the most popular TikTok collective comprising some of the most followed TikTokers ever. Addison Rae currently stands at the second most followed creator on the app with more than 61.8 million followers, while Chase Hudson has 24.9 million followers. The group lives in the former Clout House in Los Angeles and make dance and lip-sync videos.

You can use our Hype House guide to find out everything you need to know about the group's members.



  • Thomas Petrou
  • Avani Gregg
  • Addison Rae
  • Chase Hudson
  • Tony Lopez
  • Ondrea Lopez
  • Nick Austin
  • Alex Warren
  • Connor Yates
  • Wyatt Xavier
  • Ryland Storms
  • Kouvr Annon
  • Calvin Goldby
  • James Wright
  • Jack Wright
  • Larri 'Larray' Merritt
  • Patrick Huston
  • Taylor Holder
  • Olivia Ponton
  • Kelianne Stankus
  • Mia Hayward
  • Nate Wyatt

Sway LA

The Sway House collective
Instagram: SwayLA
The Sway House recently lost Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler

Sway is a group of male TikTokkers living in Los Angeles and they often collaborate with members of the Hype House. The boys are known for creating mischief, lip-syncing, and dancing. Former members include Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler, who recently left to pursue their music careers.

The boys moved in together in January 2020.



  • Kio Cyr
  • Bryce Hall
  • Griffin Johnson
  • Anthony Reeves
  • Quinton Griggs
  • Blake Gray

Clubhouse BH

Clubhouse BH in Mexico
Instagram: Clubhouse BH
Clubhouse BH was formed by Daisy Keech and Abby Rao

After Daisy Keech fell out with members of the Hype House, she left and formed Clubhouse with Abby Rao. The group mainly dance and lip-sync, but they have also created ‘Clubhouse Explore’, a brand adjacent to Clubhouse where they document their travels.

The collective recently went to Tulum in Mexico.



  • Daisy Keech
  • Abby Rao
  • Sebastian Topete
  • Isaak Presley
  • Christopher Romero
  • Mariana ‘MaareBeaar’
  • Charly Jordan
  • Chase Keith
  • Kinsey Wolanski
  • Leslie Golden

Shluv House

Micheal Le outside the Shluv House
Instagram: Michael Le
The Shluv House was launched in May

Before the Shluv House, there was the Shluv Gang led by dancer Micheal Le. The gang moved into an LA mansion in May 2020 and often perform pranks in public, or mess around with Micheal’s little brother Jonathan, who has some excellent moves of his own. Check out our Shluv House guide to find out about this new group.


  • Spencer X
  • Michael “Just Maiko” Le (Founder)
  • Jonathan Le
  • Javier Romero
  • Matthew Gonzalez
  • Michael Uy
  • Derek “asapgoku” Graham
  • (Couple) Jon Klaasen and Elyssa Joy.

Drip Crib

Members of Drip Crib LA
Instagram: Drip Crib LA
Drip Crib were recently close to collapse

The Drip Crib was founded in February by Devion Young. The name for the collective was influenced by the house's waterfall feature that streams between two pool decks. The group has faced internal issues from unpaid rent to a real-estate company threatening legal action. They publicly cut ties with their former manager Ariadna Jacob, CEO of Influences, who runs two other LA-based content houses: Kids Next Door and Girls in the Valley. The collective maintains that they're still together and publishing content.


  • Dedrick Spence
  • Abel Carden
  • Desmond Spence
  • Emiliano Decontreras Jr.
  • Chris Weaver
  • Devion Young

Kids Next Door

Kids Next Door TikTok house
Instagram: Kids Next Door LA
Kids Next Door are partnered with Influences

If you don’t recognize Kids Next Door, you’ll probably recognize Steph ‘Beasteater’ Margarucci’s neon green hair. This LA collective play pranks, complete challenges, and dance on TikTok. They’re quickly gaining more recognition after appearing in LA Magazine and New York Times.


  • Marcus Olin and Stephanie Margarucci
  • Cameron Buchanan
  • Jesse Underhill
  • Jack Corcoran
  • Hailey Orona (a.k.a. Ona)
  • Brandon Westenberg

Clubhouse Next

Clubhouse Next TikTok house
Instagram: Clubhouse Next
Clubhouse Next is a sister collective of Clubhouse BH

Launched in April, Clubhouse Next is the sister house of Daisy Keech and Abby Rao’s Clubhouse. The members are newer to the world of social media than members of Clubhouse BH, but they bring a fresh new edge to their side of the internet. The group has grown quickly, earning nearly 1 million followers on TikTok in just two months.


  • Ahlyssa H
  • Jaden Barba
  • Michelle W
  • Dylon Shogo
  • Rad Shogo
  • Alicia Montes
  • Alexa Montes

Byte Squad

Byte Squad TikTok house in UK
Instagram: Byte Squad
The Byte Squad moved in together in April

Byte Squad is the UK’s answer to the Hype House, including some of Britain’s most popular TikTok influencers who are represented by Bytesized talent. Two of the squad are currently dating and two of them used to date, making them a very close-knit crew. They moved into their London home in April.


  • Kt Franklin
  • Emily Steers
  • Lauren Kearns
  • Monty Keates
  • Lily-Rose ‘ItsLily-Rose’
  • SebbyJon
  • Jake Sweet
  • Shauni

Girls in the Valley

Girls in the Valley TikTok house
Instagram: n_u_p_u_r
The collective rent their house from Bella Thorne

This all-female squad is a diverse group of TikTokkers, also in Los Angeles, and it launched in March 2020. It was founded by Ariadna Jacob. The house they live in is actually rented from Disney Star Bella Thorne who reportedly allows the residents to freely paint any room.


  • Bria Lana
  • Nupur Sharma
  • Zoey Aune
  • Tanisha Coetzee
  • Mikeila Jones
  • Tianna Singer
  • Ellery Sprayberry
  • Ayzha Nyree
  • Akruti Viras

The [email protected] House

The Vault TikTok collective house
Instagram: The Vault
The Vault is run by talent agency Six Degrees of Influence

The [email protected] is a new TikTok house launched in mid-April and run by talent agency Six Degrees of Influence. The official TikTok account has just over 200,000 followers. Its two most well-known members are Jackson Krecioch and Bryce Xavier who both have a combined 5.8 million followers.


  • Addy Tharp
  • Jackson Krecioch
  • Cayman Rhodes
  • Kaylee Pereira
  • Rave Vanias
  • itspeytonbabyy
  • Mariano Castano
  • Kieth Pichardo
  • Kiera Vanias
  • Bryce Xavier
  • Devyn Winkler

The Vibe Crew

Kids Only TikTok House Vibe Crew
Instagram: Walker Bryant
Kids only TikTok house, the Vibe Crew

The Vibe Crew is a new kids only addition to the TikTok scene. Modelled off the TikTok house format made popular by well known groups such as Hype House and Sway House, they are most known by their 270,000 followers for their dancing videos. Among the members are Addison's Rae's younger brother Enzo Lopez, as well as actor and social media Walker Bryant, who has 1 million followers on instagram.


  • Enzo Lopez
  • Walker Bryant
  • Txunamy
  • Lilliana Ketchman
  • Elliana Walmsley
  • GiaNina Paolantonio
  • Indi Star
  • Ava Kolker
  • Merrick Hanna
  • Corinne Joy
  • Lexy Kolker
  • Stefan Benz
  • JD McCrary
  • Artyon Celestine
  • Madison Rojas
  • Akira Akbar
  • Lexi Soleil Hernandez