Not a Content House rebrands after managers “removed” for misconduct allegations

Georgina Smith
Not a Content House in their first video as Just a House

Five members of the content house formerly known as Not a Content House have announced they are rebranding to ‘Just a House,’ after two managers were “removed” following allegations of misconduct against them.

Not a Content House launched in August of 2020, but, after only six months, the house is set for a drastic change.

When several members of the creator collective began to leave, it became apparent that many of the girls who were part of the group were not happy with the way they were being treated, having been put into uncomfortable situations by two managers in particular.

The girls claimed they were “forced” to do ‘house deliverables’ — promotional activities where the profits would go to the house, and not the individuals creators. “If we didn’t do these house deliverables, our phones would be blown up, we would get things taken away, we would get threats, we’d get threatened to be kicked out,” they said in an explanation video.

The Not a Content House pose together
Not a Content House was formed in August 2020.

This was among other stories of offensive or inappropriate behavior, though the creators clarified, “the entire company has been very good, and it was two people who did all this to us, who had a lot of power over us.”

For a short while, it looked as though the house would be closing down for good, but a February 13 video has shown that some of the girls are returning with a rebrand.

The new name is Just a House, and at least for the time being the lineup consists of Devyn Winkler, Cynthia Parker (who was in Canada at the time of recording the video), Sab Quesada, Anna Shumate, and Eva Cudmore.

They revealed that the two managers who they had issues with, who they name as Chase and Amir, “don’t work for [them] anymore,” and wrote in the description of the video, “some management members have been removed, and people’s roles changed.”

The stars reiterated that “there’s nothing wrong with the whole company, it’s a ginormous company, it was just the people that were managing the content houses,” and revealed that they would be moving to a new place in addition to rebranding.

The news these creators are sticking together will come as a relief to fans who have supported the group since the start, with many excited to see how Just a House will continue to develop.

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