What’s Brewing? Week’s biggest drama: Dr Disrespect breaks silence, Twitter hackers take over, more

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Jake Paul, Dr Disrespect, Mr Beast

[jwplayer mgzBNoPb]This week gave Twitch fans the update they’ve been waiting for — sort of. After his shocking permanent ban, Dr Disrespect finally broke his silence on the subject after three weeks. Combined with high-profile Twitter accounts being compromised in the biggest social media hack ever, it doesn’t look like 2020 is slowing down anytime soon — and we’ve got all the tea to keep you up to date with the drama.

So… what’s brewing?

Dr Disrespect breaks his silence after Twitch permaban

Dr Disrespect poses dramatically
Twitch star Dr Disrespect broke his silence three weeks after his shocking ban from Twitch, revealing that he has no idea why he was suspended from the platform.

Who’s involved? Twitch superstar Dr Disrespect shocked the net after receiving a permanent ban from the platform three weeks ago. Since then, he’d been completely silent across social media, with Twitch only giving a vague statement in response to fan queries.

What’s the tea? Weeks later, the Doc finally opened up about his suspension, claiming that he still “doesn’t know why” he was banned in an interview with the Washington Post. He also hinted that he may be considering taking legal action against Twitch over the matter, although his own legal counsel was loath to let him say too much.

Dr Disrespect in the Arena
Dr Disrespect also claimed he was considering taking legal action against Twitch, and isn’t sure yet as to his next moves in the streaming space.

What’s next for the Doc? While the Two Time himself is unsure of his future in the streaming world, he made sure to confirm that his time with Twitch is over. Whether he’s moving to YouTube or creating his own platform remains to be seen — but the song he uploaded shortly after his interviews shows that Twitch can “never take away the power of his soul.”

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Verified Twitter accounts hacked in Bitcoin scam

Elon Musk walks onstage and Mr Beast talks to the camera
The Twitter accounts of Elon Musk and Mr Beast, alongside many other high-profile personalities, were hacked in a widespread Bitcoin scam on July 15.

Who’s involved? The official Twitter accounts of huge A-list celebrities like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and even companies like Uber, Cashapp and Apple were compromised on July 15 in a widespread hack.

What’s the tea? Each account Tweeted out the same message, which asked unsuspecting users to send money to a particular Bitcoin account with the promise of sending them twice the amount back. Although the activity seemed suspicious from most accounts, celebs like Elon Musk and YouTuber Mr Beast’s own Twitter activity isn’t too different from such posts, leading the hackers to rake in over $100k in profits before Twitter took control.

Mr Beast scam tweet

Elon Musk scam tweet

How did it end? Twitter temporarily removed the ability of verified accounts on its platform to Tweet as they remedied the situation, as told in a thread via its Twitter Support account. Since these accounts still had the ability to retweet, for a brief period, the timeline was flooded with accounts making humorous posts from such accounts as “tweeteveryword.” Although the situation was finally put under control, the hacking has sparked concern from such agencies as the FBI, which is currently investigating the matter.

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Twitch star Sweet Anita “helpless” after stalker sends death threat

Sweet Anita talks to the camera
Twitch star Sweet Anita revealed a death threat she’d been sent by her long-term stalker, feeling “helpless” after inaction from local law enforcement regarding the matter.

Who’s involved? Sweet Anita is a quickly-growing star on Twitch, best known for the humorous hijinks that arise on her streams due to her acute Tourette’s Syndrome. She uses her platform as a safe space to educate viewers on her condition and has even been featured by Twitch several times.

What’s the tea? Sweet Anita has been open about her interactions with a long-term stalker, who has been harassing her for several months. However, local law enforcement have yet to take proper action against the perpetrator — even after he slept outside her home, moved into her immediate area and tried to assault her with witnesses present.

Although he was arrested and banned from visiting her town, that isn’t stopping the stalker from sending Anita death threats online, which she shared to Twitter on July 14. Claiming she felt “helpless,” Anita also revealed that law enforcement did nothing to help her, and even asked her to change jobs — not exactly an easy task for someone with Tourette’s.

However, Anita isn’t letting police inaction bring her down. Instead, the streamer is planning to make a change to online stalking laws, and is enlisting the help of other top personalities online. While there’s not much fans can do to help in this concerning situation, they are sending the broadcaster love and support in wake of her deeply worrisome circumstances.

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Jake Paul under fire for throwing house party amid lockdown

Jake Paul smiles for the camera
YouTube star Jake Paul was met with backlash after throwing a massive house party on Saturday, July 11 – in spite of current world events.

Who’s involved? YouTube star and Team 10 founder Jake Paul is no stranger to controversy, having been met with a lawsuit over trashing a $10 million mansion for his 21st birthday and being caught out in a crowd of looters amid protests in Arizona.

What’s the tea? While Paul is known for his crazy hijinks, the star was met with widespread backlash from both the internet and his neighbors after throwing a packed house party at the Team 10 mansion in Calabasas, CA on Saturday, July 11. The party came as a shock to bystanders due to his apparent disregard for current world events, even leading to outrage from Calabasas’ mayor, Alicia Weintraub.


Will Paul face any consequences? Although it doesn’t seem like Paul is bothered by the outrage (as per his retweet of Tyler Oakley that read, “F*** you, Jake Paul,”), Weintraub is working with local law enforcement to ensure a “zero-tolerance” policy for house parties amid the state’s second lockdown.

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Addison Rae debunks pregnancy rumors after hiatus

Addison Rae wears a bright red lip
TikTok star Addison Rae debunked rumors she was pregnant after returning from her social media hiatus – with a concerning comment.

Who’s involved? Addison Rae is a hugely popular star on TikTok, boasting over 50 million followers due to her viral lipsyncing and dance videos. Despite her popularity and generally positive attitude, she was met with extreme backlash over her previous social media posts, and took an unannounced internet hiatus a week ago.

What’s the tea? Due to her surprising break from the online world, rumors quickly spread regarding the reason for Rae’s absence — including some speculation that she was pregnant, which TikToker Bryce Hall debunked in an interview with paparazzi.

However, despite Hall’s claims to the contrary, these rumors only escalated after Rae was seen covering her stomach during a fan video after her return to social media. TikToks reposting the video soon went viral on the app, with Rae responding to one in particular that was captioned: “Is Addison Rae…?”


“No, just insecure,” she replied, leading to an outpouring of support for the star, who has been outspoken in the past regarding body shaming on TikTok.

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From TikTok drama to internet stalkers, Twitter hacks and more, it seems that this past week was chock full of jaw-dropping developments. Do you think that Chase Hudson’s apology was good enough for fans? What platform do you think Dr Disrespect will stream on, in the future? Let us know on Twitter @DexertoTrending and comment what you think the biggest story of this week was!

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