Noah Beck denies dating James Charles after Bryce Hall sparks rumors

Jacob Hale
Bryce Hall, Noah Beck and James Charles

Sway House TikTok star Noah Beck has denied that he is dating YouTube sensation James Charles, after the pair filmed some TikToks together and Bryce Hall published a very interestingly-titled video on YouTube.

It became clear on July 15 that James Charles had been spending some time with the Sway boys, appearing in each other’s TikTok posts and looking like they were having fun together.

This includes one that Charles posted with just Noah – something he didn’t do with any of the other Sway members – and many of his fans in the comments suggested that James was “dreaming” or “crushing” throughout the video.

Then, in the evening of July 15, Bryce Hall uploaded a YouTube video called “Noah Beck is Dating James Charles” which seems to tell the whole story.

In the video, they walk in on Noah doing Charles’ makeup, clearly for a YouTube video, but they decided to have a little fun with it and suggest something was happening between the two.

But, after hours of speculation from fans of both himself and Charles, Noah Beck made some comments on both Instagram and TikTok to put the rumors to rest.

“I am straight,” he said in one comment. “I love James, but yes, I’m straight.”

In another, he said that they are “just two friends dancing and smiling.”

noah beck denies dating james charles
Noah was forced to deny dating James Charles after rumors started to ramp up.

So, while James’ fans clearly wanted to see things go further with him and Noah, the TikTok star has put the idea of any of that happening to rest and seemingly crushed some dreams in the process.

Despite what Noah says, though, some fans are still adamant that there’s a little more than meets the eye here – but for now, it looks like there’s nothing more than a solid friendship between Noah Beck and James Charles.