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Jake Paul under fire for throwing massive house party amid lockdown

Published: 15/Jul/2020 20:13 Updated: 15/Jul/2020 20:19

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Jake Paul is facing backlash from both his neighbors and online critics after throwing a massive house party at the Team 10 mansion — despite the danger of current global affairs.

Jake Paul is a massive name in the online entertainment world, and not always for the most upstanding reasons; best known for his over-the-top vlogs and wild antics therein, Paul has come under fire for those very same antics multiple times in the past.


From trashing a $10 million mansion in Colorado for his 21st birthday bash to being caught out in a crowd of Arizona looters during the Black Lives Matter protests, Paul has a storied history of disturbing the peace — and it doesn’t seem that this reputation is leaving him, any time soon.

Critics across the net sounded off in outrage after news outlets reported that Paul had thrown a massive party at the Team 10 mansion in Calabasas, California on Saturday, July 11, in spite of social distancing recommendations in light of current world events.


According to reports, Paul’s neighbors were “outraged” by the party, calling it “irresponsible and selfish,” and claiming, “It’s businesses and workers who pay the price for this with lockdowns.”

Neighbors weren’t the only one upset by Paul’s party, either; other YouTubers also took to the net to vent their concerns, including massive internet personality Tyler Oakley, who had but one thing to say: “F*** you, Jake Paul.”

Needless to say, it doesn’t seem like Paul is taking the outrage very seriously, as he retweeted Oakley’s comment in apparent disregard of the state of global affairs.


Still other neighbors went online with footage of the insane party, which showed partygoers hanging onto the end of a bulldozer “like a [mechanical] bull.”

Several high-profile TikTokers and YouTubers were also in attendance, including the likes of several Sway House members and even Tana Mongeau, who posted their own videos of the party to their respective accounts.

@tanamongeaulolhahahahahaha like GET DOWN @brycehall ##BRADDISON ?????♬ original sound – tanamongeaulol

Calabasas Mayor Alicia Weintraub claims she is working with the Lost Hill’s law enforcement to enact a future “zero-tolerance” policy on large indoor gatherings in response to Paul’s party.


Paul has yet to officially address the backlash, which comes after the YouTuber was charged with criminal trespassing and unlawful assembly in early June.

California has entered its second lockdown as of Monday, July 13, with Governor Gavin Newsom ordering another closure of indoor businesses.


HAchubby shocked as her biggest Twitch fan ‘stream snipes’ her IRL

Published: 18/Oct/2020 15:23

by Georgina Smith


Popular Twitch streamer HAchubby was stunned when she met a Twitch fan in one of her IRL streams, only for him to reveal himself as her “number one VIP” and a known member of her community.

HAchubby is a streamer who has shot up in popularity for her IRL streams, with a steadily growing fanbase over 230,000 followers on Twitch. She is Korean, but films most of her content in English as she’s documenting her learning process.


The streamer is constantly finding herself in random and hilarious situations, and her entertaining reactions make her followers love her even more.

Earlier in October, she had a beautiful piano solo in a music store interrupted when “U Guessed It” by OG Maco started blasting through the speakers with perfect timing, leaving HAchubby in stitches. This is just a standard day on her stream at this point.

Streamer HAchubby in a blue shirt
Instagram: HAchubbyTV
The Korean has experienced a popularity boom over the last year.

She has several super loyal fans who make frequent appearances online whenever she streams, but the last thing she expected was for one of her biggest fans to find her in real life, while she was streaming no less.

As a fan walked up to her while she was streaming in Germany, she greeted him warmly with “hello hello! What’s your name.” The fan took a short pause before he replied “I am BFG.”

She paused for a moment, then laughed in disbelief. “What? Sorry? Sorry?” she repeated, completely baffled by the unexpected meeting.


He even gets out his phone to show her his account, and sure enough, it was really him, sending the chat into a frenzy. People even started sending gifts to greet the known community member.

HAchubby introduces him to those who don’t as her “number one VIP” and fans were so excited that someone even sent over $100 via the stream.


The pair seemed to have a great time together judging by their conversations where they gushed about each other, along with their hilarious dancing.

Fans certainly seemed to be loving the union between creator and fan, as the clip of the unexpected meeting is just another viral moment on her stream.