Sweet Anita “helpless” after alerting police to stalker’s death threats

Virginia Glaze
Sweet Anita speaks to fans about Reckful's passing

[jwplayer Y7PB7YwV]Twitch star ‘Sweet Anita’ knows firsthand the risks that come with being a popular influencer, having opened up to fans about a long-term stalker that has repeatedly threatened her safety — but now, she’s been met with an apparent death threat from the same person.

Sweet Anita is a well-known face on Twitch, carving out a unique community for herself due to her witty sense of humor and the hilarious hijinks that arise from her acute Tourrette’s Syndrome — a condition she also educates her fans about using her sizable social media presence.

However, being a top streamer is not without its demerits, as Anita has admitted that she has dealt with a long-term stalker over the past several months.

According to Anita, the stalker moved to her city and even slept outside of her home, prompting the streamer to reach out to law enforcement to deal with the issue.

However, things escalated after the stalker followed Anita into a shop, who then chased her. Luckily, the perpetrator was detained by two shopkeepers who were able to diffuse the situation — but even after taking their statements and finding a knife on the man, police released him with a mere “caution.”

Months later, Anita has revealed a screenshotted comment written by the very same stalker in her Twitch chat, which appears to be a pointed death threat against her.

“I’ll kill you soon,” the stalker wrote, as shared by Anita with a screenshot of the message. “Not with the cheap kitchen knife I had last time. No, I’m gonna bring out something special for you.”

The streamer took to Twitter to document the disturbing threat, and even left a concerning message of her own in regards to the ongoing situation.

“If anything happens to me, I really hope that I’m the last canary in the coal mine,” she wrote. “The law needs to change, No job should have such a high risk of rape, assault or death, especially not live streaming.”

She likewise pointed out statistics from a 2018 Vice article that reported, “at least 55 [UK] women have been killed by men who were repeatedly reported to the police between 2015 and 2018.”

Considering how long the stalker has been threatening Anita’s physical safety — even to the point of sleeping outside her house — fans are more concerned than ever for the streamer, and are hoping that this time, law enforcement take legitimate action against him.

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