David Dobrik confronts Howie Mandel after disturbing TikToks surface

Virginia Glaze
David Dobrik and Howie Mandel talk to their audience

[jwplayer mgzBNoPb]Canadian comedian and notable television host Howie Mandel sparked rumors across the net that he’d been kidnapped after posting several concerning TikToks — so YouTube’s very own David Dobrik took matters into his own hands.

While Howie Mandel is best known for having hosted such shows as America’s Got Talent and Deal or no Deal, he’s also delving into the world of online entertainment, even making his own TikTok account.

Mandel’s normal repertoire of humorous videos and dance duets were interrupted by a few TikToks that prompted concern among his fans — especially after TikToker ‘baliyadi’ pointed out some “hidden messages” in his videos in her seven-part series on the subject.

The rumors became so pronounced that they even caught the attention of YouTube star David Dobrik, who commented on one of Mandel’s TikToks, asking him to reach out and even speculating that his phone had been hacked.

“Howie, I think your phone’s been hacked, you’re sending me some scary stuff,” Dobrik wrote. “Please reach out to me or Natalie.”

David Dobrik TikTok comment Howie Mandel
YouTube star David Dobrik reached out to Mandel in a TikTok comment, prompting further speculation from fans about the comedian’s safety.

With Dobrik and Mandel being pals in real life, the YouTuber made an appearance at the TV host’s private home to check up on his friend, who seemed to be confused as to why fans were worried about him.

“I don’t understand why they’re worried!” Mandel shouted in a video posted to Dobrik’s TikTok profile, covered in a plastic shield and surgical gloves.

“‘Cause your TikToks — they’re weird,” Dobrik replied.

“Weird? I’m 65!” Mandel humorously shot back. “I’m on TikTok! That’s weird! …I’m okay! Nobody’s holding me [hostage]. I can go wherever I want!”

Madel further confirmed that he was in no danger during a subsequent duet with Dobrik’s video via TikTok, mouthing, “I’m okay” and giving the camera a thumbs up (while simultaneously rolling his eyes at Dobrik’s jokes).

Mandel is known for his mysophobia, or irrational fear of germs, which could account for his body shield and gloves — but considering the current global climate, his extra health precautions certainly don’t look too out of place these days.