Twitch streamer Sweet Anita reveals terrifying stalker incident

Sweet Anita, Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer ‘Sweet Anita’ has been dealing with a serious stalker for months, who she revealed was finally convicted after a terrifying public incident was resolved thanks to the efforts of two kind strangers.

Sweet Anita first discussed her stalker in a series of Tweets in late 2019, claiming that he had slept outside of her house and even physically assaulted her, leading to the involvement of police over the disturbing issue.

However, she later revealed that, in spite of police involvement, her stalker was ultimately released — but that tale’s taken an even more harrowing turn months later.

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In an April 7 live stream, Anita explained that she’d been out shopping when she was chased by her stalker, who was thankfully caught and detained by two strangers who allowed her to make a quick getaway while they held the man back.

“He waited outside my house, followed me into a shop, then waited for me outside the shop,” she explained.

“When I told him to leave me alone and asked if he had a knife, he didn’t respond. …when I went to cross the road, he started chasing me.”

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The stalker then followed her back to her home, prompting Anita to call law enforcement, who held her for an exhaustive interview.

But it wasn’t just her word on the line, with police also interviewing the two shopkeepers who had helped her when she was being chased.

The streamer explained that, because of the additional witnesses, her stalker was finally convicted after being held in prison, and was ultimately prohibited from visiting her town altogether.

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“He’s been sleeping in guest-houses around my area within a ten-minute walk of my house,” she continued. “Every time the police caught him, he’d change to a new guest house, so they wouldn’t know where to find him if he’d left before the police arrived.”

After being physically assaulted and enduring months of stalking, Anita’s stalker has finally been punished with a suspended sentence of two months in prison — meaning that if he breaches his ban, he could face jail time.

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Despite this sentence, Anita is wary that the stalker might not stop regardless, based on previous inaction from the law regarding the matter — but fans are hopeful that this could finally lead to a peaceful future for one of Twitch’s fastest rising stars.

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