What is TikTok’s ‘siren lips’ trend?

Kawter Abed
Siren lips TikTokTIKTOK: helinndoski

TikTok users have been participating in a new makeup trend known as the ‘siren lips.’ Here is everything you need to know about it.

TikTok’s influence in the beauty space is undeniable. From the ‘doe eyes‘ challenge to the Euphoria eye trend, the short-form video app is where you find an endless scroll of viral beauty trends and hacks.

The ‘siren eyes’ challenge was taking over the social media platform earlier this year, and the trend has now made its way to another part of our face: our lips.

Lately, users have seen their For You Pages fill up with the latest beauty trend which is the ‘siren lips.’ The hashtag for the relativity new makeup trend has over 9.6 million views already. Here is everything you need to know about it.

What is TikTok’s ‘siren lips’ trend?

The siren lip trend is all about defining and accentuating the face for a more dramatic look, using clever makeup. To do this, lipliner is often used to give the lips a sexy, lifted and feline-like pout.

The liner is applied to pull the corners of the lips up, creating a sultry smirk. Some believe the look is a new twist to the popular over-lining lip trend.

Participating in the lipstick trend is very easy. All you need is two lip liners; one dark liner and one nude.

Using the nude lip liner, line your lips as you usually would. From there, you’ll take the dark liner and oval-line your lips, going straight across your Cupid’s bow instead of defining it. Extend your lip liner by flicking it up at the sides, and voila.

For a more exaggerated look, you can just use a clear gloss to blend everything together or apply nude lipstick on top to make it appear more natural-looking.