Who is Anderdingus? Adorable kindergartner takes over TikTok’s viral salad candy trend

Molly Byrne
anderdingus salad candy

A kindergartner has won the hearts of the internet after he introduced himself during a video for TikTok’s ‘salad candy’ trend.

While ‘salad candy’ was introduced to TikTok years prior, the trend has gone viral once again in March 2024. The craze sees groups of people dumping their favorite candies into a shareable bowl in a sort of sweet ‘salad.’

The tasty fad has become so popular that TikTokers are still sharing their take on ‘salad candy’ well into May. However, in one of the platform’s most adored videos of the trend, a kindergartner named Anderdingus, is stealing the show.

As he was about to pour his candies into a bowl, Anderdingus introduced himself. “My name is Anderdingus and I brought sour patch watermelons, sour patch strawberries.”

Though TikToker Tara Elizabeth originally uploaded the clip, ‘NoahGlennCarter’ reposted it and reiterated how much the internet fell in love with the youngster for his extremely uncommon name.

His adorable qualities have essentially gained so much steam that viewers are saying they’ll defend the “little cutie” at all costs, even saying they’d die for him.

Meanwhile, others expressed their approval for the adorable kindergartner. “We all need an Anderdingus in our life,” said one viewer.

“Anderdingus is precious,” said another. Some viewers also joked about him running for President, while another added that he should be elected to Congress ASAP.

Anderdingus wasn’t the only youngster to grab at the heartstrings of TikTokers. One of his classmates, Riley, also gained the internet’s attention, as his bag of nerd gummies was larger than his head, making one viewer say their heart was “melting” at his cuteness.

Despite Anderdingus taking over the ‘salad candy’ trend, other notable treats are also cooking on food-tok, as the ‘crookie’ went viral during the same time as ‘salad candy.’ 

The chocolate chip cookie croissant originated in Paris and quickly made its way into bakeries around the world. Soon, TikTokers would recreate the viral food in their own kitchens, much like those have done with the ‘salad candy’ trend.

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