McDonald’s iconic Grimace Shake has returned but there’s a catch

Meera Jacka
McDonald's Grimace billboard

McDonald’s Grimace Shake had social media in a chokehold after celebrating the iconic monster’s birthday in 2023. Now, Grimace is back with a catch.

The purple monster became an internet sensation after McDonald’s released a limited-time ‘Grimace birthday meal’ to celebrate his alleged birthday on June 12.

With in-depth lore and filthy memes taking over during Grimace’s reign, the fast-food chain capitalized on the monster via multiple collaborations, from “ugly” Christmas sweaters to a Game Boy Color-style game.

Now, nearly a year later, Grimace is back — well, the Grimace shake to be specific. McDonald’s announced via Instagram that Grimace had returned with a cheeky post showcasing the monster’s passport alongside a cursed video.

However, for those excited to get their hands on Grimace’s mystery drink, there is a catch. The shake will only be returning to launch in Canada.

McDonald’s Canadian X account (formerly known as Twitter) has already prepared to welcome the purple monster with a hilarious cover photo showcasing a billboard with Grimace plastered on top.

“Grimace if [you’re] reading this come back we miss [you],” the account’s bio reads, their profile picture of the golden arches now featuring a light purple background and Grimace-shaped silhouette.

Alyssa Buetikofer, Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s Canada said, “When the Grimace Shake dropped for our neighbors to the south, the response we got from fans here in Canada was overwhelming… Inspired by the sheer creativity and passion we saw for the Grimace Shake, we had to bring it to Canadian menus.”

This means that fans in the US will need to pull out their passports (just like Grimace) and book a holiday, with the shake set to sell from various McDonald’s locations across Canada from May 14. But be sure to book your tickets fast, for the purple shake will only be available for a limited time.