Below Deck fans suggest Fraser step down from Chief Stew role

Erica Handel
Fraser Olender Below Deck

Fraser Olender has been a Chief Stew on Below Deck for two seasons, but fans don’t think he’s suited for a higher management role after watching the show.

Chief Stew Fraser Olender has faced many difficult situations during his second season as a Chief Stew on Below Deck Season 11.

Between stew Cat Baugh unexpectedly quitting, his feud with stew Barbie Pascual, and clashing with chefs Anthony Iracane and Nick Tatlock, he didn’t have the easiest time on the St. David.

Below Deck fans on Reddit believe that Fraser isn’t cut out to be a Chief Stew because he constantly runs to Captain Kerry Titheradge every time he has an issue with a crew member.

“Fraser, as he is now, I think belongs more in a subordinate role under a Chief Stew that is more mature, doesn’t feed into drama, listens to their staff and actually problem solves without constantly going to the Captain for help and painting a story that does not factor himself into the situation as a contributor to the issue,” the original poster wrote.

Another fan agreed and said that Fraser going to Captain Kerry to complain about Chef Nick’s food not being garnished was petty, especially because he just started working on the boat.

A third fan slammed the Chief Stew for telling fellow stew Paris Fields to give Chef Nick advice about his food, which they thought wasn’t necessary.

Fraser from Below Deck
Fraser Olender is a Chief Stew on Below Deck Season 11

Below Deck fans are annoyed that Fraser is trying to control who gets fired on the boat instead of helping them succeed.

They think this is due to his lack of managerial skills and personal character on the boat, and his young age could contribute to the drama he creates.

Captain Kerry refused to fire crew members based on Fraser’s opinion, and convinced him to give them another chance as a leader to see if they’ve changed.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.