What does PMO mean on TikTok?

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You may have seen the term PMO pop up on social media platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and more — but what does it mean? Here’s everything you need to know.

TikTok is a hub of all different types of content, and just like any other social media platform, people on the app use a variety of different slang terms and acronyms.

These acronyms can make communicating quicker and easier, however, if you’re out of the loop, some of them can be confusing.

PMO is a term that isn’t unique to TikTok, but it is commonly used on the app in comment sections, videos, and video captions.

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If you want to know what this acronym stands for, here’s what you need to know.

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There are a number of different popular terms used on TikTok.

What does PMO mean?

In many cases, PMO stands for ‘Put Me On.’ To put someone on something usually means to recommend them something that they end up liking, or to hook them up with something. For example, someone might say, “they put me on to that artist.”

When used in this context, it will often be written as “PMO to …” but this can vary depending on the context of the sentence.

PMO can also stand for ‘P*ss Me Off,’ and in this context, people might use the acronym to talk about things that frustrate them.

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There are other possible meanings of PMO, but on TikTok, the above two definitions seem to be the most common.

If there are any other phrases or slang terms on TikTok that you don’t know the meaning of, you can check out our guide here to learn all about the most popular words on the app.