Viral ‘Aiden’ video of toddlers going WWE mode takes over TikTok

TikTok logo alongside two toddlers fightingTikTok

There’s a new viral TikTok taking the internet by storm, as a toddler named ‘Aiden’ threatens to hit his cousin with a plastic chair, and viewers can’t stop laughing at it.

TikTok may originally have been known for dance clips and lip-syncing to songs, but it’s pretty much replaced Vine as the internet’s one-stop shop for viral videos.

Pretty much everything you can imagine has gone viral at some point on the short-form video-sharing app, with users still baffled by optical illusions like the ‘Harry Potter’ broomstick, and one TikToker apparently sharing a house with a ghost.

One clip that isn’t an optical illusion, as much as some parents might want it to be, sees a toddler threaten to go all WWE on his cousin by picking up a chair and looking to bash him over the head with it.

What is the Aiden video on TikTok?

The clip was originally shared by TikToker MommaMoe21, showing the two cousins playing. Though, the fun takes a turn when one of the pair – Amory – starts trying to bite the other – Aiden.

Aiden first tries to stop the biting by tapping his cousin on the head, but gets shouts of disapproval from those behind the camera. However, after it continues, he sets his sights on a chair – picking it up as if he’s about to slam it down on his cousin’s head.

There’s a slight panic from behind the camera with shouts of “Aiden, no!” but even they see the funny side of things, breaking out into laughter.

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The clip has quickly gone viral across TikTok and Twitter, racking up a combined view total of over 6 million – as users have found the interaction between the cousins so incredibly funny.

“He said they don’t want me to use my hands, I’ll use a chair then,” joked one commenter. “He said y’all won’t stop him from biting me so he’s about to go Night Night,” added another. “Aiden said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,” chimed in another.

With the video having an unusual twist at the end, we’ll likely see it sticking around the internet for a little while yet.