Valkyrae fans aren’t happy about her & Logan Paul possibly dating

Virginia Glaze
Fans outraged after Logan Paul x Valkyrae rumors

Fans of popular streamer ‘Valkyrae’ are hitting out at YouTube star Logan Paul, after his friend, Mike Majlak, hinted that the influencer-turned-boxer was interested in her.

Valkyrae, once an avid Twitch streamer, has become a household name on YouTube after signing an official, exclusive broadcasting contract with the platform in January.

It seems that her unprecedented rise to fame has been noted by a few other influencers — including white collar boxer Logan Paul, who is apparently eyeing the streamer as a potential romantic partner.

Coming off the breakthrough announcement of his upcoming exhibition match with Floyd Mayweather, Paul’s friend and co-host Mike Majlak revealed his purported intentions toward Rae during a December 8 episode of Majlak’s ‘Night Shift’ YouTube series.

Speaking about the newly-single Paul, who recently announced his split from Josie Canseco which came as news to 100 Thieves founder Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, who was not aware of this development.

That being said, Paul apparently already has his eye on another girl, as Majlak hinted during the episode.

“Logan is like, recently single too, and he keeps asking me about Valkyrae,” Majlak explained. “Is she single?”

(Topic begins at 5:30)

Nadeshot relayed that, to his knowledge, Rae isn’t currently seeing anyone, leading to a humorous conversation between the two as to her interests; but it doesn’t look like the internet is too enthusiastic about this possibility.

Many commenters lashed out at Nadeshot for even entertaining the idea, with one user writing: “I’m not the overly woke type and I’m a fan of Nade, but it’s weird as hell to be talking about an employee in this manner.”

Still others warned Logan Paul to “stay away” from Rae, implying that they would take some sort of action against the star if he tried to make a move on her.

Valkyrae has now spoken out about the situation, and her stance on the subject is quite clear: she’s not interested, at all.

Sorry, Logan — looks like you’ll have to look elsewhere for a streamer girlfriend!

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