Dillon Danis accuses Logan Paul of cheating after YouTuber spotted with mystery girl

Virginia Glaze

Dillon Danis has accused Logan Paul of cheating on his fiance, Nina Agdal, after he was spotted with another woman in a viral photo… but Mike Majlak hit back with the receipts.

It’s been over two weeks since Logan Paul and Dillon Danis met in the boxing ring to finally put an end to their famous online feud that took over social media for months.

Their spat was preceded by Paul’s engagement to Danish model Nina Agdal — the perfect fuel for Danis, who used their relationship as a way to gouge his opponent by constantly posting about Agdal on Twitter/X.

Paul has adamantly defended his fiance at every turn, even admitting that choosing Danis as an opponent was a “mistake” due to the way he went after her on social media.

logan paul dominates dillon danis in boxing match
Dillon Danis lost his fight against Logan Paul by DQ after trying to pull off some grappling moves in the boxing ring.

However, despite their fight having ended over two weeks ago, Danis is still taking aim at Paul online… and his latest accusation is turning heads.

Dillon Danis accuses Logan Paul of cheating on fiance

On October 24, Danis posted a picture showing Logan Paul with a brunette woman entering a restaurant. Judging by the angle of the photo, it appears that whoever took it was trying to catch Logan on the sly.

At first, it was unclear who the woman in the photo was, but she’s certainly not Nina, who has generally always rocked her head of blonde hair throughout her career.

“That doesn’t look like Nina buddy, thought she was the love of your life??” Danis captioned the photo.

However, Mike Majlak was quick to put the rumors to rest, claiming that the gal in the photo was his own girlfriend.

The IMPAULSIVE co-host shot back at Danis in a biting tweet, writing: “And even worse with MY girlfriend, when I went to the bathroom for 30 seconds. I am MAD at Logan right now.”

Currently, Majlak is seeing Sara Maughan, and the two have appeared in multiple social media posts together on Instagram.

It’s clear that he wasn’t fazed by the rumors, writing in another tweet: “Lmfao this sh*t is all so comedy at this point. Can’t even stand in the same room as a girl.”

For now, it looks like things are getting a bit one-sided in Danis’s ongoing feud with Paul… but the YouTuber made sure to gloat about getting Danis fired from Bellator during his return to WWE Raw the day prior to Danis’s latest claim.