Valkyrae puts Samsung on blast for tagging her in picture of someone else

Virginia Glaze

Valkyrae was left a little confused after Samsung tagged her in a photo that wasn’t her to promote their 2024 Galaxy Unpacked event.

Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter is one of the most prominent streamers on the web. A co-founder of 100 Thieves, she’s appeared in major music videos and has even modeled merch for Gucci during the course of her illustrious career.

As such, it’d make sense that many netizens might know what she looks like. She does have over 4 million YouTube subscribers, after all, and has been the platform’s most-watched female streamer since 2020.

However, someone running the Samsung Twitter/X account put the wrong name to the wrong face, leading to a hilarious slip-up on social media that’s throwing Valkyrae and her fans for a major loop.

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Valkyrae roasts Samsung after brand mistakenly tags her in photo

Samsung is currently in the midst of its Galaxy Unpacked event, which promises to unveil some of its highly-anticipated tech releases.

To celebrate, Samsung posted a photo to Twitter/X with the caption: “#GalaxyAI is here.
Joining #GalaxyUnpacked2024 with @Valkyrae!”

However, the girl in the photo taken at the event was definitely not Valkyrae — something she couldn’t help but point out in a post of her own.

“Hey Samsung, that is not me, lol,” she replied.


The interaction has led to a bevy of hilarious responses from fans, most of whom are finding ways to make jokes and puns about the situation.

“I think you got scammed buddy,” the official ‘Satan’ X account said.

“That ain’t Valkyrae, that’s Valkyrie,” another joked.

“Hmm Rae looking a little different, maybe she did her hair differently or maybe that’s just me, lmfao,” another said.

Shortly after, another unfortunate post went out, this time involving Pokimane. While the picture was indeed of Pokimane, the tag on X was incorrect.

Both the Valkyrae and Pokimane tweets have since been deleted, but that’s not all. Following up later in the day, Valkyrae revealed Samsung had since blocked her on the platform altogether.

“I thought it was funny, relax,” she joked in light of the news.