Valkyrae defends Corpse Husband after “face reveal” drama

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star Valkyrae appeared to come to fellow influencer Corpse Husband’s defense after an alleged “face reveal” of the faceless content creator took over social media.

In mid-September, several photos surfaced on Twitter that claimed to show the real identity behind uber-popular YouTuber and music artist Corpse Husband.

It’s worth noting that Corpse Husband has never once shown his face online of his own volition, leading to extreme curiosity among his ever-growing fanbase as to what he actually looked like (in part due to his extremely deep voice).

Up till now, all fans had to go on was their own artwork and interpretation of his internet persona — but alleged pics of the star that surfaced online were instantly met with extreme criticism and backlash over his appearance.

Corpse Husband gets backlash over alleged leaked photos of his face

While a large number of fans rushed to his defense, the entire debacle opened up a major conversation regarding fan expectations and influencers’ privacy — and fellow YouTuber Valkyrae appeared to chime in on the topic.

In a recent live stream, Rae seemed to come to Corpse’s defense, asking that her fans show her friends support amid some especially trying times for them.

Instagram Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband revealed his arms in an Instagram post – but that’s as much as fans have ever seen of their favorite deep-voiced influencer that he’s shared to his own public social media accounts.

Valkyrae defends Corpse Husband after he receives hate over alleged leaked photos

“I just want you guys to know that every single one of my friends is exactly the same as they are off stream,” she stated. “They are, all of them, every single one, they’re exactly the same person off stream. They all are very, very good people. I love them all dearly, I am very lucky and grateful for the people that I get to call my friends, you know?”

“Some of them, not naming any names, but some of them are going through a lot of things, and sometimes life is really, really hard,” she continued. “But it’s just really reassuring knowing that a lot of us have a really solid friend group. Really good support systems. Just be kind. Be kind to my friends. Be super supportive. I can reassure you that they’re very good people. I just think that sometimes the things that have happened to them are so undeserved.”

Commenters have expressed similar sentiments, begging their fellow viewers to show compassion and to check their expectations for a content creator who has gone on record predicting that such an event would happen in spite of his efforts to conceal his identity.

“I mean, when you have millions of people like ‘I think he looks like this or like this’ and you look dramatically different from all of them, it’s like you’re going to let down a lot of people at once, and I’d rather not do that,” he notably stated in a March YouTube video.

It looks like this unfortunate event has come to pass, just as he predicted, resulting in an explosion of online drama and a ferocious debate among his fans and critics, alike.

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