Corpse Husband explains why he’s worried a face reveal would disappoint fans

Corpse Husband face revealYouTube: Anthony Padilla / Twitch

The internet is dying for a face reveal from streamer and YouTuber Corpse Huband, but in a Minecraft stream with k-pop stars Jae and Mark Tuan, he explained further why he won’t voluntarily show what he looks like. 

Corpse Husband is one of the net’s most mysterious personalities. Although he has been creating content on YouTube for a while, he saw a surge of popularity in late 2020 thanks to his humorous ‘Among Us’ streams with other creators.

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The YouTuber is best known for his impressively deep voice, intriguing horror story narrations, and original music, but perhaps the most alluring facet about this YouTuber is the fact that he refuses to show his face.

There are several other “faceless” creators out there including Dream and SwaggerSouls, but Corpse Husband seems to have amassed a huge fanbase in large part because of his anonymity. The mystery as to what his face might look like has become almost a game to his fellow creators and his fans alike.

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Instagram Corpse HusbandInstagram: Corpse_Husband
Corpse Husband revealed his arms in an Instagram post

Millions utterly desperate to catch a glimpse of the man behind the voice, and understandably his fanbase goes nuts at any photo of him – one fan even tattooed his voice on her skin. However, he isn’t planning on showing his face anytime soon.

The internet exploded on Tuesday, March 2, when it was announced Corpse Husband would be streaming Minecraft alongside Karl Jacobs and K-Pop stars Jae and Mark Tuan, bringing together a combination of globally massive fandoms.

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During the stream, Corpse was asked about potentially revealing his face to the world, to which he responded: “I mean, when you have millions of people like ‘I think he looks like this or like this’ and you look dramatically different from all of them, it’s like you’re going to let down a lot of people at once and I’d rather not do that.”

He also reiterated what he’s previously said about feeling as though his privacy might be breached without his permission, adding “With how the internet is it’ll probably inevitably happen against my will, but am I like planning it? No.”

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In a previous Instagram story, Corpse explained his reluctance further. “A lot of people think it’s a business thing or a gimmick, but I just deeply fucking hate my face. Peoples’ expectations at this point are ridiculous and unachievable.”

As Corpse’s fanbase grows bigger and bigger, the pressure to show his face is sure to increase.

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