VTuber reveals disturbing Pokimane editor situation is why they hide their face

Virginia Glaze

A VTuber is sparking a heated discussion after revealing the reason they use a virtual avatar is to avoid Pokimane’s viral dilemma with her former video editor.

On May 31, prominent Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys shocked her 9 million viewers by revealing that one of her former editors would occasionally miss deadlines due to a certain disturbing detail.

“He proceeds to tell me that the reason why sometimes he would turn around videos a week or two late, is because he couldn’t stop touching himself,” Anys said.

The streamer’s comments took social media by storm, leaving viewers disgusted and shedding light on an issue in the industry that even had the likes of YouTube star MoistCritikal speak out with his own story with one of his editors.

Now, VTubers are giving their two cents on the subject, with one claiming the reason they use an avatar and avoid showing their real face is to avoid Pokimane’s situation.

“‘Vtubers hide their faces because they’re ugly,'” VTuber Jellora wrote on X. “My brother in Christ… The reason we hide our face is because of the Pokimane editor situation.”

Other VTubers weighed in on the conversation. Some agreed with Jellora, while others gave additional reasons as to why they prefer to hide their appearance from the internet.

“I just don’t want to get raided by a SWAT team, to be honest,” one user replied.

“Personally, I just like being anonymous,” another said. “It lets me be my truest self while not having to feel anxious or worried about people knowing me in real life, or people who already know me commenting on stuff I say or do.”

“I’ve streamed long enough to learn that being a VTuber doesn’t stop them from doing that, much less announcing it to the entire chat,” another pointed out.

Virtual YouTubers are known for using a digital avatar to represent themselves, rather than showing themselves on camera. Generally, VTubers use anime-style avatars, but some, like CodeMiko, use startlingly realistic ones.

As told by Jellora, a big point of conversation around VTubers includes speculation that the broadcasters in question are hiding their appearance due to potentially being perceived as unattractive by viewers.

Several faceless creators have come under fire for their looks after photos of them surfaced online, as seen in the case of Minecraft star Dream and Corpse Husband. While Dream would go on to show his face to the world, Corpse Husband remains a faceless creator in hopes of protecting his privacy — something many other VTubers value due to their profession as online entertainers.