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Twitch streamer terrified by classic prank during horror game broadcast

Published: 11/Oct/2019 19:46 Updated: 11/Oct/2019 19:49

by Virginia Glaze


Horror games once dominated the online streaming and video world, with YouTubers like PewDiePie and Markiplier growing famous due to the genre – but one Twitch streamer is hilariously following in their footsteps.

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It’s no secret that horror games are meant to scare the pants off of players, as seen in the vast video libraries of YouTube stars like Jacksepticeye and others.

However, live streaming sites like Twitch offer fans a unique way of participating in the scares, as evidenced by the platform’s classic “knocking” prank.

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itstaylorliz, InstagramTaylor Liz is both a fitness enthusiast and an avid Twitch streamer – and one of her broadcasts gave her quite the fright.

Many fans like to prank their favorite streamers by playing a series of realistic-sounding knocks, which sound so real that many broadcasters will jump out of their skin, thinking that someone is knocking on their door or window.


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Twitch streamer “TaylorLiz” became the unsuspecting victim of the prank during her broadcast of survival horror game “Blair Witch,” based on the classic indie film of the same name – but her unique spin on the stream showed just how terrified she was.

Liz had hooked herself up to a heart monitor during her game, which showed her heartbeat increasing dramatically as she looked about the room, seemingly convinced that someone was knocking on her bedroom door.

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After getting up to lock the door, she attempted to call someone on her cellphone – and breathed a sigh of relief after realizing that the sound had blessedly been a mere prank.


“You’re an asshole,” she laughed. “It didn’t say you played it. I heard a fucking knock, and it literally sounded like it was on my fucking…” she trailed off.

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Liz wouldn’t be the first streamer to get punked by the practical joke, either: Twitch star “Pokimane” was likewise scared by the same prank in a previous stream, convinced that someone was knocking on her bedroom window.

“Oh my God, I hate that – stop!” she shouted. “I have a window right beside me, that’s why that like freaks me out so much because I think someone is literally coming to kill me.”


Thankfully for both Liz and Pokimane, it was just a joke – although playing the sound during a horror game likely made the experience ten times more stressful than usual.