Twitch streamer scares off robber after attempted break-in during livestream

Michael Gwilliam
empirrre deals with robber during Twitch stream

Australian Twitch streamer Empirrre found himself in a terrifying situation during a live broadcast on February 16 when a robber tried to break into his home.

Twitch has been home to some pretty crazy incidents caught on stream, such as earthquakes, gunshots being fired, and even swatting. So, while robberies aren’t too out of the norm, they can certainly be scary.

Right before he was going to begin playing Super Seducer, one of Empirrre’s live-in mods, morak_iso, alerted him to get outside right away, prompting the streamer to take action.

After leaving for a moment to speak with the mod, Empirrre returned and whispered quietly, telling his viewers that someone was trying to break in.

Just as fast as he left the first time, the Twitch streamer dashed away, not to be seen until a few minutes later to explain what happened.

“We’re good. Just some dumb b*tch trying to open our front door,” he revealed. “She came back down the f**king street. We had knives and stuff because we live in a really bad area. Really, really, really bad area.”

According to Empirrre, his neighborhood has to contend with all sorts of drugs and break-ins living where he does, so people will often check front doors late at night by checking if they’re unlocked.

“They opened the front screen which made a noise and morak heard it,” he said, referring back to the comment made by the mod. “Had a knife ready for me. He was like, ‘someone’s trying to get into the house.’”

He further added that these type of incidents happen more often than people would think, but luckily they managed to catch the would-be robber after checking all the doors with knives in-hand.

After going out the front door, he noticed that spiderwebs had been broken, indicating someone had tried to open it. Down the road, the streamer and his mod saw a woman with her hoodie on walking quickly down the street.

“That f**king b*tch. She was trying to open house doors, dude,” he said. “You know what’s the funniest thing though? They opened the door, right. This is Australia for you, this is the one thing I don’t agree with. She comes into our house, right, we defend ourselves, we go to jail.”

Following this, the streamer went into a large rant about Australian laws regarding self-defense. In any case, on the bright side, no physical action had to be taken, but clearly, things could have gotten out of hand.

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