Man attacks Twitch streamer and tries to break his gear for filming in public

Michael Gwilliam
twitch streamer satuye attacked by stranger

A Twitch streamer was attacked in London by an angry man who claimed it was illegal to film in public.

IRL Twitch streams are some of the platform’s top content, giving viewers a glimpse at what it’s like to travel to exotic locations and try out new experiences, but it does come with some drawbacks.

The main issue stems from the unpredictability of IRL streams where anything can happen such as random strangers getting upset at the prospect of being filmed in public without their permission.

Throughout the years we’ve seen countless streamers get into it with strangers who don’t want to be on camera and on February 16, Twitch streamer SATUYE got into a major confrontation with a man he wasn’t even filming.

Twitch streamer attacked by stranger for filming in public

During the broadcast, SATUYE was standing around holding some meat when a stranger showed up and immediately took issue with him for filming.

“What’s this? What are you doing?” the man asked.

Before the streamer could even reply, the stranger knocked the food out of his hand and accused him of recording people without their permission.

“I’ll smash this!” he warned, knocking SATUYE’s equipment. “You’re recording people. I’ll touch your sh*t 24/7.”

SATUYE told the man not to touch his gear, demanding he get away, but refused. However, rather than continue the war of words, the streamer decided to bounce and left before the situation escalated.

Viewers praised the streamer for not taking things further. One said, “You def held a lot of restraint there… You did good cause you don’t know his homies may have been nearby or have a knife, could have been real bad.”

In a post on X following the incident, SATUYE suggested he didn’t want to walk away, but didn’t want to risk a ban.

“So if someone tries to touch you or/and break your streaming gear, you’re just meant to run away or let them do it?” he pondered. “What if you can’t BRB screen in time or get out of frame lol to deal with business, is that a ban?”

Speaking with Dexerto, SATUYE said the man didn’t follow him and it was a ‘good thing he didn’t,’ adding that his “brain probably turned on at the last second.”

It would have been interesting to see how the situation may have played out on another platform such as Kick with more lenient community guidelines.

Just recently, a Kick streamer used Jiu-Jitsu moves to defend himself against an attacker who showed up as he was giving an interview.