Possible gunshots heard live on Twitch stream: “I think someone got shot”

willneff possible gunshot twitch@willneff/Twitch

When LA-based Twitch streamer William ‘willneff’ Neff heard what he thought might have been gunshots outside his home during a recent broadcast, he decided he had no choice but to go investigate.

A lot of crazy things can happen during a Twitch stream, from car crashes to people even dislocating their arms from dancing too hard but gunshots are definitely something you don’t hear every day.

During an ‘Among Us’ stream on August 31 though, Twitch streamer willneff was convinced that a loud noise, which could be heard on the broadcast, was just that.

Oh s**t,” the shocked streamer exclaimed after the noise sounded off, before leaving his stream to investigate. “I think someone just got shot.”

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After stepping away from his setup for a few minutes, willneff returned unharmed and with more information on what had just gone down outside.

“There was like an explosion, all my neighbors came out, and I s**t you not, a f***ing SUV came up the wrong way of my street in reverse and just peeled out,” he said. “And then there was like a dude walking, and we were like, ‘Excuse me sir, did you hear that?’ and he just kept walking, like he wouldn’t talk to anybody.”

Thankfully, no one seemed to be injured, despite the strange occurrences and the sudden, loud noise from outside. Willneff himself admitted after returning that he still wasn’t sure whether or not the sound really was a gunshot, but didn’t have too many other explanations for what it could’ve been.

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“That was f***ing weird man. I think it might have been a drunk driver who popped a tire, but I have no f***ing idea. That was weird,” he added. “Chat, I don’t know if you heard that, but that s**t was That s**t was so f***ing loud.”

Real-life gunshots or even possible ones are the last things you want to hear while gaming with friends. Luckily, willneff and his neighbors all seemed fine with no one hurt following the loud noise, whether or not it was actually someone shooting.