Twitch streamer panics as “massive” earthquake interrupts broadcast

Michael Gwilliam

Twitch streamer Novaleesi’s playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was interrupted by an earthquake that rocked Utah on March 18.

Novaleesi was relaxing in her chair and chatting with her stream like normal when the whole incident went down.

“We’re kinda farming shrines at this point,” the gamer told her chat. “I’m gearing up to take on some of the Divine Beasts. But we’re doing this completely blind so just be warned that we don’t…”

Before the streamer could even finish her sentence, her room began to shake, startling the entertainer.

“Oh my God, there’s an earthquake happening!” she cried as items could be heard falling in the background. “Oh my God!”

Even part of the streamer’s green screen started collapsing, exposing part of her room in the process. Just like that, within mere seconds, the whole stream went from operational to completely offline leaving some of Novaleesi’s viewers wondering if she was okay.

Luckily, the streamer seemed to be okay as she took to Twitter to explain what happened in the aftermath of the quake.

“Massive earthquake shut down my stream this morning,” she said, posting a video in the process. “I’m from the SF Bay Area and have been in lots of earthquakes before, but this was the worst one I’ve ever had.”

She added that nothing was broken and she was fine, though she was still experiencing aftershocks. Additionally, the items falling were shoeboxes that had been tucked away in the closet and a book from a bookcase.

According to Weathernation, the streamer experienced a 5.7 magnitude earthquake which is on the lower end, though Novaleesi said the aftershocks downtown are a 3 and the power on her block was down for fifteen minutes.

This isn’t the first streamer to experience an earthquake on stream. As Dexerto previously reported, JakeNBake felt a 5.3 magnitude earthquake while in Japan back in January.