IRL Twitch streamer saved by stranger after man assaults him for streaming

Michael Gwilliam
seegstv attacked on twitch

An IRL Twitch streamer in Poland was randomly attacked by a stranger for filming in public, but was rescued when bystanders stopped to help him out.

Over the years, we’ve seen many instances of streamers getting attacked by strangers for broadcasting in public places, and that’s exactly what happened to SeegsTV during his trip to Poland.

After the streamer began filming outside a store in the country, a man walked into frame and proceeded to ask what was going on, seemingly perplexed by Seegs’ equipment.

“It’s not professional. I’m stupid,” the streamer joked , but the stranger wasn’t amused.

“I’m calling the police. You’re finished,” he said.

“I’m not Finnish, I’m American,” the Twitch streamer joked – but this appeared to only upset the stranger more, who reiterated that the police were coming and he had to wait for them.

SeegsTV tried to get away from the situation, only for the man to get physical with the streamer by grabbing him and his equipment.

Thinking quickly, the streamer walked into the middle of the road and stopped a car, telling its occupants that the man was harassing him. Not wanting to escalate things any further, the man walked away from the streamer, ending the altercation.

While the drivers had to get going, one of the men in the car, a local to Krakow, helped walk the streamer to a local hotel where Twitch chat urged Seegs to call the police on the man.

“Chat, I’m not joking, I was ready to hit the sh*t out of him,” he said. “But he was trying to push me and stop me. You have to de-escalate and not make things worse. The guy looked crazy. If I had to, I’d defend myself.”

The streamer thanked the stranger and his friends in the car for helping him out, explaining that it was unlikely that his attacker would have tried anything in the middle of the road with so many witnesses around.

Twitch streamers broadcasting from public places have a history of upsetting people who think they’re being filmed without permission.

Back in 2022, a streamer was attacked by a group of “drunk kids” in Amsterdam who tried to break his equipment.

Earlier in 2024, a German tourist in Laos even tried to get a streamer to pay him because of filming laws in his home country.

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