Kai Cenat confronts fan who snuck past security & onto his property

Daniel Appleford

During his 4th of July stream, Kai Cenat confronted a fan who had bypassed security and snuck onto his property. The fan quickly left the scene as Kai claimed he was caught “red-handed”.

Kai Cenat is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, having even collaborated with MrBeast to set up a replica version of his house to explode with fireworks on stream.

However, during his stream on July 4, an unexpected turn of events occurred when someone snuck past security and managed to reach his house.

Before the man was seen on stream, Kai Cenat was outside with his crew, chatting with those watching the stream and playing basketball.

Kai Cenat left the group and started walking to another part of his house, where he saw someone he didn’t know. 

From the side of the house near a bunch of cars, a man approached Kai Cenat, claiming that Fanum invited him. The streamer didn’t buy it, and he told the fan to immediately get off his property.

After a brief exchange, the man starts to walk away with one of the streamer’s bodyguards following close behind. Kai was shaken up that a stranger got so close.

“Nah bruh, let me get my gun,” said Kai Cenat on stream.

Kai then reached into his car and put something in his waistband before walking away. He then criticized his security detail for allowing the man to get as close to his house as he did.

“What if I didn’t walk up right there? How the f*** does security even do that? I hate this s*** bro, like oh my god, that s*** is so annoying,” said Kai Cenat. “Like, how was he even halfway?”

Though Kai was tense after the encounter, he continued with festivities a short time after, and the rest of the stream went on without incident.

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