Twitch explains why some users aren’t receiving Recaps for 2021

André González Rodríguez
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Twitch recaps have returned for both streamers and viewers alike, giving both of them a rundown of their activities on the site. But some Twitch indulgers have yet to receive them, due to failing to opt-in for marketing emails prior to them being sent.

Every year, the platform sends out Twitch Recaps for both their streamers and viewers with a brief summary of their actions and interactions on the site.

Streamers receive information about the top categories they’ve streamed, the number of hours viewers have watched them, how many unique followers they’ve gained, hours live, channel points accumulated, and their most used emotes.

Conversely, viewers will have the number of messages sent across every stream they’ve watched, channel points earned, top watched categories, top used emotes, and their top five most-watched channels.

This information is all available through a simple email that Twitch sends out to its users, but some users haven’t been receiving them.

Twitch explains why some streamers aren’t receiving recaps

Many users, such as @runspeeder25, said they were yet to receive their recaps. In response to this, Twitch Support explained why this is the case.

“Hey! I’m afraid if your marketing preferences weren’t enabled, you won’t be eligible for a Twitch recap this year,” said Twitch Support.

Two hours after this interaction, Twitch Support went on to make an official statement on the matter, explaining how the process of being able to obtain a Twitch recap works and how to make sure that users can get them in the future.

“We’re seeing some confusion about the recap,” said Twitch. “In order to receive the Recap, you had to opt-in for marketing emails prior to them being sent. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to manually re-send recaps. If you opted in, check your inbox and spam folder in the coming hours!”

Twitch Recaps are a fun way for Twitch users to find out extra data they normally wouldn’t have about their habits. Now that Twitch has addressed the issue of how it works, streamers and viewers alike can make sure to receive theirs next year.