Twitch content creator films police completing a house raid in Amsterdam during live

Twitch headerTwitch: Reydempto

A Twitch streamer recorded a live police raid that was taking place in Amsterdam, with the content creator commentating throughout the process and also laughing during some moments.

In the clip, the Police can be seen first approaching the house and knocking forcefully on the door. After they get no response, one of the officers then proceeds to kick the front door down, breaking it before then crawling through the bottom half that has been knocked off.

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Twitch streamer records police house raid live

The remaining police officer then enters the house through the same hatch. However, the person filming the scene can be heard laughing loudly as the last officer struggles to get through the door and into the property.

The Twitch clip, posted on Reddit, has gone viral on the site. With people commenting about the footage and the situation. One Reddit user wrote, “Yeah, now maybe try just unlocking it from the inside like a f***in normal person.” Is this streamer normally this annoying? Lmao”

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Rather than focusing on the actual raid, other users chose to comment on the streamer and their lack of care for the severity of what could have been happening.

“I swear this guy has no clue how things work in the Netherlands despite having been there for how long now? 99% of the doors in NL don’t just unlock without a key. He just seems like an oblivious d*ck”.

One other Redditor wrote, “live commenting a police raid and not getting pepper sprayed, only EU things.”

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