Streamer Mira lashes out at Twitch for ‘double-standards’ after ban for nudity

Isaac McIntyre
Mira slams Twitch over double standards after ban for showing nudity.Twitch: Mira_Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Mira has lashed out at the Amazon streaming website’s ‘double-standards’ after being whacked with a platform ban for allegedly showing nudity while scrolling her own Instagram page.

Russian streamer Mira has been banned from Twitch for showing nudity midway through her October 4 stream, after revealing an image from her Instagram feed.

The offending image in question, which was originally posted on her Instagram profile @Mira_Twitch, was a risqué profile of the Twitch star in a forest clearing. According to Twitch’s terms of service, “nudity or any sexually explicit content… are prohibited” from being shown on any livestream.

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Mira was less than impressed that she’d been indefinitely blocked from the streaming website for the image and posted her response ⁠— as well as a hastily edited version of the offending image ⁠— on Twitter soon after the ban.

In the post, the Russian took a swipe at Twitch’s hot tub streams.

She wrote, “My bad Twitch for showing dis [sic] pic on stream. I’ll remember to add a thong next time, to qualify for the Hot Tubs, Pools, Beach streams [instead].”

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Mira currently boasts just over 322k followers on Twitch, and has been active ⁠on the popular Amazon-owned platform since 2016. She mainly hosts Just Chatting streams and IRL broadcasts.

The 31-year-old originally rose to Twitch prominence in the mid-2010s while she was dating controversial streamer Mitch Jones. The streaming vet ⁠— who has since turned his back on Twitch to “find meaning in life” ⁠— and Mira dated for several years before calling it quits in a public breakup in 2017.

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The now-banned Twitch streamer describes herself as a mental health advocate and psychologist and usually posts daily images on her Instagram profile.

Mira boasts 322k followers on Twitch, and another 197k on Instagram.Instagram: Mira_Twitch
Mira boasts 322k followers on Twitch, and another 197k on Instagram.

Dexerto has yet to confirm how long Mira has been suspended from the streaming website. Considering this is the Russian streamer’s first offense, it will likely be a shorter ban. When Amouranth accidentally flashed viewers in 2019, she was slapped with a three-day suspension before returning.

High-profile IRL star, Indiefoxx, was not so lucky: a similar offense from the 26-year-old saw her Twitch partnership stripped, and she was banned indefinitely.

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