‘Nude’ Twitch streamer starts another new meta by pixelating herself

Michael Gwilliam
topless streamer pixelates herself on twitch

Just as streamers began using censor bars to hide their “implied nudity,” another content creator flipped things on its head – pixelating her otherwise apparently bare figure while live.

Babe, wake up, a new Twitch meta just dropped. It’s been a wild December for Twitch. After streamers went viral filming themselves appearing “topless” by zooming in on their chests, the platform changed its guidelines to allow for nudity for artistic purposes.

While the platform reverted its decision after the art category was overrun with sexual content and furry images, streamers took these new rules to begin streaming themselves with censor bars over their bras, giving the illusion that they were nude.

Amid the backlash and users calling for the Amazon-owned site to take action, another streamer has since stepped up to evolve the meta again, by pixelating herself.

Twitch streamer drops new meta by pixelating herself

On December 20, Twitch music streamer ‘lara6683’ began broadcasting and joined in on the new meta by adding her own twist.

At first, Lara took a page out of Amouranth’s book by streaming with actual censor bars on her body instead of imposing them on her digitally. She then upped the ante by trying a different approach.

Unlike the censor bar streams, lara decided to pixelate herself, revamping the ‘implied nudity’ meta and going quite viral in the process.

During her stream, lara played the piano beautifully, all while appearing completely nude as her body was completely pixelated.


She seemed to realize this too, posting a clip of her broadcast to X/Twitter with the caption “new meta has dropped.”

It should be noted that Twitch’s community guidelines state that streamers are “prohibited from broadcasting or uploading content that contains depictions of real or fictional nudity” including pixelization. Quite a few streamers have also since been banned following their censor bar broadcasts.

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