Mitch Jones quits Twitch streaming forever to pursue music

Mitch Jones TwitchYouTube: Mitch Jones

Popular Twitch personality Mitch Jones has released a video revealing that he’s decided to quit streaming to pursue his passion for music. As a result, his fans have come out to wish him well and thank him for the years of entertainment that he provided.

A veteran in the Twitch community, Mitch Jones originally gained notoriety streaming World of Warcraft and interacting with his chat. Over the years, he developed a large and dedicated fanbase that continued to tune into each of his streams.

Whether it was Pokemon Go, World of Warcraft, or the Just Chatting section of Twitch, Jones always provided his viewers with great content.

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Despite this, Jones has decided to leave streaming behind and pursue his passion for music. Although this has come as a shock to a lot of his fans, he’s received an overwhelming amount of support.

Mitch Jones TwitchTwitch: MitchJones
Mitch Jones has over 500 thousand followers on Twitch.

Mitch Jones quits streaming

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel titled ‘Treading new waters’, Mitch Jones has announced that he’s quitting streaming to pursue a career in music. While this has come as a surprise for some, Jones has revealed that he feels his best days of streaming are behind him.

“My heart is just not in it anymore, and quite frankly every time I stream, I’m just reminded of all the times that will not happen again… Truly I had some magical moments as a streamer and those days are over.”

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It’s obvious that for Jones, no amount of streaming now will ever match the special memories he made with the likes of Byron (Reckful), Brother Toe, and others.

“When I lived with Byron and Brother Toe and we were just vibing every day, Pokemon Go, all of that was so good and it was some of the best memories of my life.”

Instead of Twitch, Jones has decided he’s going to take the leap and pursue a career in music. For a lot of fans, this will heartwarming news following the release of Jones’ recent Reckful tribute song ‘Now that you’re gone’.

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The song and video were widely praised by the streaming community and have shown how much appreciation there was for Reckful.

Although Jones’ departure from Twitch is sad, it’s great to see that he’s moving on with his life and pursuing something he’s passionate about.