Twitch bans censor bar streamer firedancer amid ‘implied nudity’ meta controversy

Liam Ho
Firedancer banned on Twitch

Streaming platform Twitch has banned censor bar streamer firedancer and Morgpie amidst the controversial ‘implied nudity’ meta.

Streaming is arguably one of the most difficult things to get into. Not only do you need to have a setup, but you need to invest plenty of hours into it to even start gaining an audience. Streamers spend heaps of time thinking about what content they’re able to create, particularly those who are looking to get into it as a full-time job.

However, one-way streamers have found a way to step into the limelight is by following the various metas that come and go on Twitch. These metas see certain aspects of Twitch streams highlighted, like the controversial hot tub meta seen years earlier.

The streaming site is currently going through an ‘implied nudity’ meta at the moment, with streamers giving the notion that they are nude on stream. Twitch has tried to respond to the meta, updating their sexual guidelines to allow for “artistic nudity”, however, reverted the changes after streamers took things “too far”.

Twitch bans censor bar streamers amid ‘implied nudity’ meta

However, the censor bar meta has caused quite a commotion within the community, with some viewers asking for the meta to be banned. It seems that Twitch may be acting out on these asks, as they’ve banned streamer firedancer for their controversial content.

The original meta started out with streamer Morgpie, who popularized the trend by placing their camera at a specific angle. This angle allowed Morgpie to imply that she was completely naked, although she revealed she was always clothed during the streams.

Twitch streamer firedancer then took on this trend, stretching it even further by placing censorship bars around their private parts to imply that they were nude. The clip spread like wildfire, creating an entirely new development in the meta on Twitch.

Included in the bans was Morgpie, who also utilized censor bars in her streams to appear as if she was wearing nothing at all.

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