Kick responds after Trainwreck accuses ‘99% of streamers’ of view botting

Dylan Horetski

Kick has responded after TrainwrecksTV accused ‘99% of streamers’ of view botting their broadcasts on the platform.

In a clip shared to Twitter on June 29, Trainwreck called out FaZe Clan accusing the esports and entertainment group of botting their streams. “It’s bad,” he said.

“I’m gonna be honest with you bro, me and like, maybe five others might be the only ones in the industry not botting. Everyone is bullsh*ting. I would say of the new wave of streamers, 99% are bullsh*tting.

The clip quickly went viral, sparking reactions from viewers who called out various Kick streamers for supposedly botting on the platform.

On July 1, 2024, Train shared his thoughts against viewbotting for a second time – this time in a response to Kick talking about its Creator Incentive Program.

“Extra money is good, but we need to do a better job with the people who are skipping the line of discoverability by viewbotting to the top of each category or section,” he said.

“We live in a time where viewbotters are being rewarded, & legitimate, hard-working streamers are being left out.”

Kick responded, arguing that it’s an issue all platforms face and that they’re doing their best to try to navigate it.

“Viewbotting, unfortunately, is an issue that all streaming platforms face. We’re actively learning how to best navigate with such roadblocks by tweaking KCIP. Doing our best with the tools we currently have. Trust me, it makes our jobs harder too,” they said.

Another viewer replied to Train and mentioned that viewbotting is why he “gave up” on Kick, which prompted yet another response from the creator.

“The problem on Twitch is worse, and realistically REAL CHANGE would need to start from TWITCH (the monopoly platform). What you see on Kick is a ripple effect that originates from Twitch,” he said.

This comes just after YouTuber JiDion called out Kick streamer N3on for viewbotting while on the phone during an IRL stream.

“Your stream is definitely view botted,” said JiDion over the phone. “But I can’t say that it’s you [doing it]. If you say it’s not you then okay, but it’s 1000% botted.”

When it comes to claims that FaZe Clan are viewbotting, CEO Ricky Banks hit out at the claims in a post on Adin Ross’ Twitter community page.

“I’m here to assure you guys they’re not. Just the homies cracking off, grinding, having fun. With love always,” said FaZe Banks.

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