KSI highlights key reason why Jake Paul will beat Tommy Fury

Despite being rivals, British YouTube phenomenon KSI has explained why he believes Jake Paul will beat Tommy Fury in their upcoming clash.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have been going back and forth on social media for quite some time and now, the two are finally set to touch gloves in the ring.

The upcoming fight, which takes place on December 18, will be Paul’s fifth bout, while it’ll be Fury’s eighth time stepping between the ropes.

However, despite the Fury family’s iconic background in boxing, KSI believes that his long-time rival holds a big advantage over the Love Island star.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury officially announcedTwitter: Jake Paul / SHOWTIME PPV
Tommy and Jake are set to fight on December 18.

During a recent episode of the SideCast podcast, KSI asked for predictions for the upcoming fight between Paul and Fury.

The YouTubers were all in agreement that they’re expecting Tommy to lose the fight. “Yeah, I see Tommy losing, you know why? I see him sh***ing himself on the big stage,” explained KSI.

“I think that’s it, he [Jake] knows you’ve got everything, you’re ready, you could f**k him up, but will you be able to act on the night? And he’s just not sure.”

However, KSI isn’t the only one questioning if Tommy can handle all the pressure on the big night.

During an interview with BT Sport in October, John Fury echoed a similar concern. “All it is with Tommy… he’s young, can he handle a big occasion on the night?” he quizzed.

Previously, the Fury’s coach has also mentioned that Tommy’s boxing career will be “over” if he can’t beat Jake, so the pressure is on. This will also be Jake’s chance to prove he can fight a “real boxer.”

In terms of dealing with the pressure, Tommy will have his brother, boxing world champion Tyson Fury, in his corner on the big night in Florida.