Mike Tyson backtracks on not wanting Logan Paul fight & reveals how much he’d want

Logan Paul Mike Tyson Boxing YouTubeIG: Logan Paul / Wikimedia Commons

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson has confirmed he would get into the ring with Logan Paul, but commented that it would take an eye-watering $100m to make the fight happen. 

Boxing’s explosion in the YouTube world has caught many fans of the sport by surprise, with some professional boxers – like former Cruiserweight world champion Tony Bellew – criticizing the developments as dangerous.

However, one aspect of the YouTube boxing world that has never been in doubt is their potential to raise millions for the participating fighters.

That is likely what attracted Floyd Mayweather, and appears to be enticing fellow boxing legend Mike Tyson.

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Floyd Mayweather Logan PaulAmanda Westcott for SHOWTIME
Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather’s fight ended in a draw.

Following the bout with Mayweather, there were some rumors that Logan was targeting a bout with Mike Tyson.

While Tyson has previously said he would not be interested in fighting either of the Pauls, recent comments on his podcast Hotboxin‘ suggest the heavyweight icon is open to a bout.

Tyson’s guest, Freddie Gibbs, joked that he was “sick of seeing all these Jake Paul fights”, prompting Tyson to offer his thoughts.

“Those are the money fights,” the heavyweight legend said. “Those are the fights that make the money. Those guys got 75 million people watching them. Yeah [I would fight one of them], hell yeah.”

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Timestamp: 33:38

When pushed to pick one of the brothers, Tyson pinpointed Logan, referring to him by weight. He also stated that he’d expect $100 million for a fight with the YouTuber, similar to what Floyd Mayweather is believed to have earned.

Such a lucrative pay package would probably not be beyond the two stars, especially if the parties involved want to strike a mutually beneficial deal.

Since his fight with Mayweather, Paul has claimed that British rapper KSI throws the more dangerous punches. Tyson’s punches would be in another league altogether.