Tyron Woodley claims Jake Paul is afraid of rematch: “I think somebody just got to him”

Jake Paul fights Tyron WoodleyAmanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Ever since Jake Paul bested Tyron Woodley in their August 29 boxing match, the former UFC champion has been trying to secure a rematch. Now, “The Chosen One” believes that the YouTuber is running scared and won’t take the deal.

The fallout of the split-decision boxing victory for Jake Paul was something to behold. Not only did Tyron agree to get the infamous “I love Jake Paul” tattoo, but the YouTube star agreed that if he did, the two would run it back.

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Despite Tyron’s eagerness to duke it out with Paul a second time and their verbal agreement, he’s still waiting for the influencer to send the contract – and he isn’t getting the tattoo until he does.

In an Instagram Live segment, uploaded by FightHype via MMA Fighting, Tyron explained that his team tried calling Paul’s manager and had no luck.

Woodley thinks Jake Paul is afraid

“I think somebody just got to him,” Woodley stated. “‘Man, just take it and run, man. You didn’t win the fight, man. They said you won but don’t f**king get back in there with him.’”

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“I’m the type of motherf**ker where if you let me get another time to fight you and I get a chance to break you down, it’s problems,” he added.

Amusingly, Tyron isn’t even worried about the embarrassment over the tattoo at this point if it means securing another bag.

Jake Paul Tyron WoodleyTwitter/ShowtimeBoxing
Paul bested Woodley in a split-decision.

“In the ring, a new bet was presented that, in my opinion, superseded the previous bet. That bet said, if you get the tattoo, then we can run it back. We both said ‘bet,’ and we shook hands. So that’s a bet I’m trying to facilitate and the rematch has to happen,” he noted. “You motherf**kers have some dumb*** tattoos on your bodies. For a nice bag, there’s nobody on this [planet] that would tell me they would never do that.”

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The result of the first match was quite controversial on both sides. Jake’s brother Logan even went as far as to call for a boxing rule change, citing the extreme differences in judges scoring the contest.

If Tyron is right and Jake’s camp felt it was too close, it makes sense that he’d be ducking a rematch, especially as the former UFC fighter believes he could have done a lot better in the ring.

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Jake Paul accused of using steroids for Tyron Woodley matchInstagram/Jake Paul, Showtime PPV
Woodley wants Jake Paul to send the rematch contract.

However, if Paul does accept, Tyron believes they’re going to be making a movie with two more parts.

“This wouldn’t have been a trilogy. I’m gonna f**k him up and then his pride’s gonna kick in and we’re gonna do it again and it’s gonna literally be a whole movie that people talk about for a very long time,” The Chosen One confidently said.

Unfortunately for Tyron, the fact that Jake has so many possible opponents lined up could put a rematch on the backburner. The UFC’s newest star Paddy Pimblett has expressed interest in fighting The Problem Child, as has MMA icon Anderson Silva.

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Whether or not Tyron gets his opportunity remains to be seen, but he’s not interested in getting any tattoo until Paul commits to the second fight.