Floyd Mayweather reveals insane payout for Logan Paul boxing match

Floyd Mayweather during Logan Paul fightSean Michael Ham/ Mayweather Promotions

Floyd Mayweather has hinted at the incredible figure he pulled from his exhibition match against Logan Paul, and it’s an amount most world champion boxers could only dream of making.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul didn’t end up being quite the mismatch many thought it would be as it went the full distance. That said, it still seems completely absurd that these two would ever have stepped in the ring together.

While boxing purists might not like the idea of influencer boxing, it’s clearly got a huge audience, selling roughly 1 million PPV buys.

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Floyd isn’t nicknamed ‘Money’ for no reason — he’s the biggest PPV attraction in combat sports and is definitely making no secret of it.

Logan Paul KO rumors Floyd MayweatherAmanda Westcott for SHOWTIME
Logan Paul fought eight rounds against Floyd Mayweather on June 6.

After Gervonta Davis’ win over Mario Barrios to become Junior Welterweight champion, Floyd Mayweather was at the press conference, joking around with reporters and those in attendance.

“I’m the only person you know, I could do a fake fight and get 100Ms!” he joked, suggesting he made $100m from the fight. “I could do some legalized sparring and get 100Ms!”

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Clearly referencing his “fake fight” with Logan Paul, he then joked about being the “best bank robber” in the sport, hinting that he managed to steal the insane amount by pushing through the “fake fight.”

Needless to say, $100m is an absolutely ludicrous figure, though it hasn’t been verified yet. Some in the comments suggest that he might have made closer to $60m, which is still a mouth-watering amount.

If the figure is anywhere close to $100m, Logan can’t have made all that much less, which would undoubtedly make him the biggest prizefighter on YouTube. With rumors that he wants to take on Mike Tyson next, the gig might not be up just yet.

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