TikToker calls out waitress for making “shady” joke about her health condition

TikToker goes viral for shady waitress interaction foodUnsplash.com: Caroline Attwood / TikTok: eatglutenfreewithme

A TikToker is going viral after sharing her interaction with a waitress who “threw shade” with a joke after she requested a customized meal due to digestive issues.

Those of us with sensitive stomachs understand that going out to eat can often result in painful stomach aches and other uncomfortable issues.

Sometimes, this requires customers to edit their orders to avoid certain triggers like dairy, seafood, or other products.

One TikToker’s request at a restaurant is causing some uproar online, after her waitress appeared to make a joke at her expense due to her dietary restrictions.

eatglutenfreewithme selfieInstagram: eatglutenfreewithme
TikToker ‘eatglutenfreewithme’ shares a ton of tips and advice for those suffering from digestive conditions.

TikToker ‘eatglutenfreewithme’ suffers from Chron’s, IBS, and celiac disease — all chronic digestive conditions that can be very painful. She shared her experience at a restaurant, where she recorded herself requesting Atlantic salmon with lemon drizzle on top.

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This sparked a short conversation with the waitress, who seemed to compare the situation to her own experiences with her mother in law’s dietary issues.

“My mother in law goes to restaurants with a spreadsheet,” the waitress can be heard saying. “Like, I hate you, please stop doing this. Why don’t you just not eat at restaurants? Thank you.”

This didn’t sit well with the TikToker, who felt that the waitress had “indirectly told me not to eat out if I’m going to be an inconvenience.”

“Waiters, please don’t make jokes like this,” she urged. “It makes people with celiac feel very uncomfortable and unwelcome at the restaurant. Trust me, we wish we didn’t have to live like this, too. My family shouldn’t have to stick up for me and the way I order my food.”

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The video has sparked quite a conversation on TikTok, where commenters have offered a bevy of opinions on the subject.

“Aww. I think she was trying to seem relatable but failed,” one commenter suggested. “I too suffer from foot in mouth disease.”

tiktok restaurant comment 1

“Um, as someone who used to be a server, I would NEVER do this,” another said. “I remember a girl asked for a specific ‘weird’ order and her friends made fun of her.”

tiktok restaurant comment 2

“You shouldn’t even have to explain,” another commenter argued. “You’re paying for the food and customize / changes are common. They should be up front to all if they won’t.”

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The TikToker says she called ahead to make sure the restaurant had options for her and made her waitress aware of her conditions, but it seems like many commenters feel this was a joke that fell flat… while others are enraged that the joke was even made, in the first place.