TikTok launches first NFT collection with Curtis Roach’s “Bored in the House”

Curtis Roach on TikTokTikTok / TikTok: CurtisRoach

TikTok fanatics can now own a piece of the platform’s history as the first ‘TikTok Top Moments’ NFT collection is now live, with users able to bid and purchase iconic clips, starting with Curtis Roach’s ‘Bored in the House.’

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have taken the internet by storm in 2021. While some appear to be nothing more than lucrative scams, others have seen owners generating wild profits.

Regardless of your stance, NFTs seem to be here to stay. More major companies are jumping on the bandwagon every day; and even some of the internet’s biggest personalities too.

However, NFTs have entered new territory on October 11: Breaching the realm of TikTok.

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The social platform has established its first ‘TikTok Top Moments’ collection. While some quickly backed out of the contentious promotion, the bidding wars went ahead nonetheless, with the first-ever TikTok NFT now up for sale on Zora.

The first of its kind TikTok NFT was Curtis Roach’s ‘Bored in the House.’ The 15-second clip was among the first pandemic-era TikToks to go viral as millions of viewed poured in, and countless remixes followed through.

The original clip itself currently sits at just under 50 million views, and it can all be yours for a certain price. TikTok’s first NFT is currently up for a seven-day auction with users on Zora bidding in Ethereum.

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While it’s early days yet, bids have already skyrocketed with the asking price already in the five-figure range at the time of writing.

There’s no telling how high the costs might go but if the most popular sales are anything to go by, TikTok’s initial NFT could be sold for millions.

While many NFTs feature original artwork, the emerging territory continues to expand in new directions. Recently we’ve seen everything from classic YouTube videos to Twitch clips being minted and sold on the blockchain.

With TikTok now entering the space, it appears to only be growing bigger with time.

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Bored in the House is just the first of TikTok’s opening batch so be sure to brush up on everything else going on sale in the near future.