Dr Disrespect outlines bold plan to use NFTs in his first video game

Dr Disrespect using NFT in new video gameYouTube: Dr Disrespect / Unsplash: Andre Francois McKenzie

Dr Disrespect is starting his own game studio, and he has some bold plans for his first title. Making use of the cross-section between gaming and crypto, the two-time wants to incorporate NFTs into the game to give players a chance to invest in it.

Dr Disrespect’s gaming empire is expanding with the launch of his own studio. The two-time plans on launching AAA titles “with a twist”, working with indie developers to help them explode on the world stage.

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Since revealing the initial details of his “Vertical BR” project earlier in August, it’s been the only thing on his mind.

“I’ve been thinking about a lot. A really big thing that’s happening, that’s getting the brain to start [ticking along] is obviously the development of our studio,” he said while watching GamesCom.

However, like everything else Doc, he isn’t content with just doing everything by the book. Violence, speed, momentum ⁠— he wants to break barriers. And, he might use crypto to do just that.

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The two-time mumbled a bit before getting a coherent sentence out about quite a big endeavor he’s undertaking in his upcoming video game.

He wants to integrate NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and crypto into the game so that players and content creators can invest, and have equity, in the game.

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Real, tangible ownership ⁠— not just promotion.

“NFTs, Cryptos, designed into the infrastructure of the game revenue system. Now players can have equity, creators can have potential equity in the project as well,” he said.

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While he didn’t expand much beyond that, it’s a rather unique concept. Investing into games ⁠— even smaller indie titles ⁠— usually happens before development, either through big firms or even just simple crowd-funding campaigns.

Working in an equity system that’ll emulate a stock market in a game is an interesting idea. In-game economies have existed for titles like Runescape for years with some sort of real-world value, but if it’s as big as the Doc says it is, his game would be on an entirely different scale.

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It’s for sure a game-changer, but only time will tell whether it works out.

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