Trovo announces NFT Showcase week

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In partnership with Trovo

Trovo have announced NFT Showcase, a week-long event centered around NFTs including community giveaways and promotions.

Trovo have hosted a ton of new exciting events, and the newest one is focused on Non-fungible tokens, aka NFTs. The event will run throughout the week, and each day will focus on a different project, totaling 5 NFTs.

Check out the NFTs that will be involved:


animetas nft

The ANIMETAS are virtual entities of humans (and other species) who minted their brains on the Ethereum blockchain, and live happily in the Animetaverse — a virtual world, inspired by the 80’s and 90’s pop culture, that was created at a time far in the future where earth became no longer habitable for humans.

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Krazy Koalas

krazy koalas nft

The Krazy Koala collection is a collection of 9999 randomly generated koalas on the Ethereum Blockchain, with all of the traits being hand drawn individually and meticulously by our artist. Each Koala in our collection is unique, and have no limits on what you could potentially use them for. Owning a Krazy Koala immediately grants you access to the Krazy Krew. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Krazy Krew members will gain access to exclusive perks and get to be a part of one of the kraziest communities known to mankind.

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deadheads nft

Welcome to the NFT Underworld. A sick culture of 10,000 morbid degens getting set to disrupt the boring land of the living. Paired with a community-driven animated series and plans for the first-ever giant metaverse graveyard, this project is all set to RIP.

The Gauntlets

BossDrops NFT

The Gauntlets are the first collection of the BossLogic Universe, crafted and curated carefully by BossLogic. With a possession of a Gauntlet, users receive a BLU membership which grants access to member-only benefits including entry to VerseU; an interactive Metaverse gaming experience.

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Baby Rangers

BabyRanger NFTs

BabyRanger is a new project that collects historical blockchain history from the minter and also many randomized traits to truly reflect a digital version of your own baby while still maintaining the spirit of NFT culture.

Every day of NFT week, Trovo developers will be streaming on their main channel educating viewers on each NFT project.

The company will also give away 2-3 NFTs from each project, so it will be worthwhile for community members to stop by and learn more about NFTs.

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One rare NFT from each project, of which there are five in total, will also be auctioned off in a loot box. The auction will be hosted by NFT platform Cybertino.

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