Thor Bjornsson uses his wife as a dumbbell at the gym because he can

Strongest man dumbbell wife headerTwitch: Hafthorjulius

Content creator Hafthor Bjornsson has wowed his audience in a recent stream, with the weightlifting master showing off just how strong he is by completing his workout while using his wife as a dumbbell.

Exercise and working out have become a more viral form of content in recent years, with more and more influencers and celebrities getting their start by sharing workout videos, wellness tips, and so on.

For former World’s Strongest Man Hafthor Bjornsson, sharing his epic strength on Twitch has garnered a massive following from the content creator now amassing over 250,000 followers on the streaming platform. 

In particular, one clip from his recent stream has viewers in awe, both of the display of power and also of the amazing trust between Bjornsson and his wife.

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In the clip, Bjornsson holds a very heavy-looking dumbbell in his right hand. However, the second one is nowhere to be found, with the bodybuilder instead opting to pick up his wife to help balance out the weight for his reps.

The moment is a sweet but impressive showing, one that has fans on Reddit commenting about how amazing the display is. One Reddit user wrote how Bjornsson is showing people “How to pick up chicks. Literally.” Another points out that the video shows a display of “scary power” from Bjornsson.

As a former World Strongest Man, Bjornsson is no stranger to displaying his strength and intense gym routine at the gym. However, this particular moment from his stream has gone viral, with his audience now wanting more similar content in the future.

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