This $2M home is being slammed on TikTok: “Why is there a toilet next to a bed?”

viral toilet bedroom tiktokRealtor/TikTok

Rental listings can be quite the popular TikTok category, showing off both dream houses and some absolute dumps. Now, one home in Toronto is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

It’s not uncommon to be scrolling through TikTok and stumble across a realtor showing off a house on the market. While prices vary from being affordable to completely out of most people’s price range, they can be fun to watch.

This summer, realtor Nero Naveendran made a TikTok video showing off a $1.95M house in Toronto, the largest city in Canada, and it absolutely took off, amassing over 2.4 million views.

Unfortunately for the realtor, the success of the video stems from a downright bizarre placement of a toilet that has left TikToker users absolutely mortified.

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TikTokers stunned over bedroom toilet in expense house

At first, Nero walked viewers through the inside of the home, going up multiple sets of stairs to reveal a couple of small living rooms, a balcony, and a kitchen that doesn’t have a stove.

While this alone might have been enough to confuse viewers, the real nightmare was a toilet next to a bed.

“Did nobody notice the open toilet in the bedroom?” one asked with a skull emoji for good measure.

“Almost 2 mil for half of a house,” another said.

weird toilet tiktokTikTok
TikTok is freaking out about the toilet placement.

Kevin Trudel, a realtor who is repping the property, explained the situation with the bed-side toilet to Distractify: “The original plan was to separate the toilet with a wall. For such reason, the seller decided to leave it open since he lives alone and [hadn’t] built this property for resale at the time.”

It’s hard to imagine any sort of use for the awkward-place toilet, as it’s something that you’d expect to find at a house in The Sims, but maybe there is someone out there who this might appeal to.

In any case, it’s still for sale if you happen to be interested.