TheDanDangler banned from Twitch again amid bikini stream controversy

Dylan Horetski

Twitch streamer TheDanDangler has been banned from Twitch again amid an ongoing bikini stream controversy involving hot tub streamers receiving “unjustified” bans. 

Twitch has a very strict set of community guidelines intended for streamers to follow, however, some are unhappy with how well it’s enforced.

Since the beginning of May, bikini-clad Twitch streamers have fallen victim to bans for “inappropriate attire,” with many of them slamming the platform, calling their punishments “unjustified.”

Popular Warzone-focused streamer TheDanDangler has received another ban from the website and took to Twitter to express her frustration.

This is not the first time TheDanDangler has been banned from Twitch.

TheDanDangler banned on Twitch

Minutes after the streamer was handed her punishment, TheDanDangler explained that it was for inappropriate attire.

“Banned for inappropriate attire again. I had a bikini on in the bikini category,” she said in a now-deleted tweet. “I had a pool in my stream and we were doing water activities”

TheDanDangler Twitter why she was banned
According to DanDangler, she was just doing a bikini stream in the appropriate category.

The creator, who has nearly 300,000 followers on the Amazon-owned platform, slammed Twitch for the recent influx of bans in the category.

“Is Twitch trying to kill itself?” she said.

The Dan Dangler Twitter about Twitch
DanDangler slammed Twitch for the recent influx of bikini stream bans.

This ban came just three months after her last ban for the same reason back in February.

She slammed Twitch after that punishment then as well, calling out the platform for “double standards” while tweeting out pictures of popular hot tub streamers like Amouranth in a bikini as examples of why she believed her ban was unfair.

In a reply to Corinna Kopf, who also received a ban recently, Dangler revealed that her ban will only last 24 hours — so fans won’t have to wait long for her return.

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